Pics of my 10 Gallon

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Tank Photos' started by SayWhat, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. SayWhat

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  2. e_watson09

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    your tank is really pretty, I'm concerned about all the fish tho there is a) a lot of fish for that small of a tank and b) most of those fish aren't compatable at all.

    But good luck with your tank and it looks great.
  3. ppate1977

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    Tank does look great. I do however agree with e watson09 on the compatability of your fish. You will need many water changes with that many fish. I've had a lot of success however with overstocking my 10 gal; just keep up with the water testing and changes. I also recomment some jave moss and some sort of floating plant so the fish can hide and have their own areas.
  4. konstargirl

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    The tank looks great. Better yet I would rehome some of your fish like the danios, the shark and possibliy your rosy barb. Also its overstocked. The danios and the Rosy barb are school fish and you don't have the space for them( Believe me, I had zebra danios and I had a bad experience with them long time ago)

    The shark needs a much larger tank because of there agressive behavior. also add some floating plants too like ppate1977 said. Good luck. ^^
  5. Tanman19az

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    I dont know about that dolphin helmet! haha
  6. Elodea

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    The tank looks nice, but, as other members have said above, the fish are slightly incompatible and the tank is overstocked.

    Your danios are hyperactive and will freak the gourami out, not to mention nip his fins mercilessly.

    That albino rainbow shark is a jumper, rather aggressive, and needs a much larger tank.
  7. jeniferdwn

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    great looking aquarium! One good thing about the pet store i shop at is they always tell you what is compatible and what isn't. They discourage putting them together!

  8. ViridiosExotics

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    That Albino rainbow shark will take out those other fish as it gets larger.