(pics) Is My Mystery Snail Ill? Strange New Behavior. Help

Discussion in 'Snails' started by Shannon529, Apr 18, 2019.

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    I recently got a mystery snail. It's been probably a month or so now. Things were great at first, but the past few days I have noticed it's been looking weird. Swollen, I almost feel like. It still moves across the tank, still climbs up the sides, on the driftwood, etc. But it looks injured. Fiance says it's fine, but I just can't get over this sinking feeling something is not right. Sometimes it will kind of float vertically like in the first picture. That's new behavior. The first time I noticed something didn't seem right, it seemed like it was almost all the way out of shell, stiff, had leg curled around some gravel, seemed bloated. Didn't move when touched. We took out of the water and it seemed like it tried to go inside shell, but couldn't. There is no odor so I'm taking that as a small sign of hope things will turn around. I took it out of the tank and put in this little quarantine container, in case it's a water quality issue (the fish are fine, it's a 5 gallon tank with 3 male guppies). I will be doing a massive water change tomorrow, but I plan on keeping snail out to see if a few days out of tank help (if anything is wrong, I might be paranoid, but if there is even a chance something is wrong, I want to know so I can help it). I also plan on getting some blanched spinach in there in a few hours. The only other thing I could think of is I just put a new piece of driftwood in there with some new plants. I have other plants glued to other driftwood/rock in there, and I haven't seen any issues. But I'm wondering if maybe the glue is affecting him somehow? Maybe this is first time some might have been ingested? I was told it was safe for the plants and fish, I guess I assumed it'd be okay if any fish/snails might eat some while munching on plants. I guess first and foremost I just need to know.... does my mystery snail look normal? Is it injured? If it's water quality, how long does it take for them to heal after water is fixed? I just love him and I'm so terrified he's suffering. He really is the highlight of my day. The thought of him suffering has kept me awake the past few nights. Even in the quarantine container, I keep going to check on him. Water temp has been at 76-78. PH is on high end, but everything has been consistent.

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    Never owned a mystery snail before but I feel ya... I just got two Nerites and one keeps leaving the tank I feel like something must be really bothering it for it to do that.. .makes me sad and I might return it to its natural habitat over the weekend. It's weird that I'm so worried about a snail but they are so cute.

    Is it the only snail in your tank? What type of water do you use? I mean honestly I don't know anything, but maybe there were things that it didn't like about the tank but couldn't really adjust to it over time so it is getting sick? It could also just be dying of old age, which is unlucky for you but entirely possible. Sorry I have no real advice to give you, but I really hope you get the answer you need to help your snail.

  3. Shannon529New MemberMember

    I feel the same way. "It's weird that I'm so worried about a snail." But I can't help it :)

    I appreciate the comment, real advice or not. Only snail in tank. Using regular tap. Not saying it's right, it's just all I've ever used. I have test strips and everything seems okay (other than high PH/hard water, but it's been that way from the start-using plants and driftwood to help lower PH). I just have tap water in the quarantine container. He climbed the side and did laps around it. Still moves okay, but seems like it's not eating, either. Maybe just not hungry, I won't worry about that until tomorrow if fresh food isn't touched. Now that he's in a smaller container, should be easier to monitor.
  4. eustoma01Valued MemberMember

    Maybe you should put it back in your tank. I heard that mystery snails can keep eggs inside of them for months. Maybe yours is getting ready to lay them?
  5. EpicozWell Known MemberMember

    Nerite sometimes go above the waterline and I’m pretty sure that’s ok mine do it all the time.
  6. JamieLuValued MemberMember

    From the pics ur snail looks fine, ive had mystery snails before, theyre great and i understand ur worried. Test strips are very inaccurate, i know from experience. In my opinion a 5gal tank is pushing it for what u have but depends on ur filtration i guess. Its doable tho if u keep up on maintaince. Anyway, mystery snails do weird things like not move sometimes for long periods of time, float which could be oxygen stuck in the shell but urs looks normal and healthy to me. If hes eating and moving about/doesnt stink i think hes fine. How long have u had him? They usually dont live real long. And how long has the tank been set up? Do u give him a calcium supplement?
  7. Shannon529New MemberMember

    I am getting a 10 gallon tank this weekend. I would like to get them switched over asap but also want to cycle first. I've had him about a month. I haven't noticed anything weird until past few days. The problem with the quarantine container is I don't have a heater for it so I might have to put back in the tank and just hope for the best. I've been trying to keep the water warm by adding warm water every so often, but I don't want to shock his system, either. Especially since I will be gone the next few hours. No smell. He's floating currently, I see him getting some air every few minutes so I know he's still alive but he's hanging half out of shell all curled up like. He did move around when I put him in there last night, was doing laps along the sides. Still pooping. Doesn't appear to have touched food yet so I'm going to take out and put fresh stuff in. I don't have anything in there for calcium yet because he hasn't shown any signs he wasn't getting enough, but I have been looking into getting some cuttlebone for him. He eats a mix of flake food, algae wafers, and shrimp pellets. I also have live plants, rocks, driftwood he loves to chill out on. Not sure if eating plants or not. Planning on getting some blanched spinach in there once I get shopping done today. See if he wants that over the other food.
  8. JamieLuValued MemberMember

    Sounds like ur doing everything right and taking good care of him. I would honestly put him back in the tank and hope for the best. If he doesnt make it atleast b more comfortable since u dont have a heater in the other one. And if u do get the 10gal and move everyone over to it, u can just move EVERYTHING over, most importantly ur 5gal filter and it will b cycled since ur not adding any new fish. then just get a cheap sponge filter to make up for the extra gallons or if u do get a bigger filter, move all the media from the 5gal filter to the 10! Then ur done! good luck to u and try not to worry. I cant even count how many times i thought my snails were dead and did odd things. Keep us posted k
  9. Shannon529New MemberMember

    Thank you. Fingers crossed. I put him back in tank but had to turn filter off because he started to float and the water kept pushing him down :/ I'll check on him in the morning and hopefully he'll be waiting on the side of the tank. Has not touched food in at least 24 hours. Not sure if he ate right before I put in quarantine or not Still no smell, not moving about like he was. But I think it was because of the colder water. Hoping he'll recover from that so he can recover from anything else. I have a question about cuttlebone. Couldn't find any at Walmart for fish. Just for birds. Would it be okay to buy and use that, or should I wait until Saturday when we go get everything else? He has a nice shell, but I know it'd still be great for him to have better source of calcium. He does have a lot more slime today, which worries me. I did see poop last night/this morning, but nothing since.

    Also, I just want to say thank you all for the help and kind words.
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