1. brentn

    brentn Initiate Member

    One more question for anyone . I have African cycloids and 1 plecostomus. They are all fine but they are very picky in what they eat, i started with flakes from nutrin max, they like them but then i read they should have a selection, so i bought krill from wardley, mini pellets from hikari ,shrimp pellets and frozen chilid delight from sanfrancico bay brand, i also got algae wafers for the plecostomus, which they like as well , but they dont seem to like any of the other foods i bought, any thoughts Brent

  2. Gunnie

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    A lot of the african cichlids are primarily veggie eaters.  If you could tell us what species of fish you have in your tank, we could help you out with that.  Omega One makes a veggie and super veggie flake that would probably be great for your fish.  You can also check the profiles here at FishLore to see if your fish are there.  Another good place is cichlid forum in the profile section.   ;)