Pic of my dog...

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Here is a pic of Brandee from today.
Miss Mouse
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What a beautiful colour ;D Name suit she too.
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I love golden retrievers. You are so lucky FishFan! If I only had the time and space for a large dog like this, I wouldn't hesistate to get one. Perhaps when I get my own house one day I'll either get a golden retriever, siberian husky, or german shepherd - these are 3 best breeds of dogs ever! Here is a picture of my firend's beautiful german shepherd
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Wow Mary! Your dog is beautiful! And Isabella, your friend's dog is gorgeous! I love dogs.
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I <3 My Golden Retriever
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Claire, what a beautiful dog !!! It's a golden retriever, right? SO BEAUTIFUL
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very beautiful dog I wish I had 1 my parents will not let me get one
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Aww I love golden retrievers!! My fiancee and I are planning to get a golden retriever and a black lab (PUPPIES!) late this year. I'm way to excited!!! Brandee is gorgeous!
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EmpPleco - you won't regret getting a dog Dogs are wonderful. I am definitely getting a dog too (only not now, in a few years). I want to get either one: a Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, or a German Shepherd. I love all 3 breeds beyond words! But if I had to really really choose, I think I'd go with a Siberian Husky.
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Huskies are beautiful dogs also. I just can't wait until we get ours tho. Two puppies would be so awesome! But they are so expensive, so we won't have the money until late this year.
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OH! These pics are reminding me of Muffin . . . :'( urghhhh, WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was a mut! WAHHHHHHH! :'( He was SOOO cute, though!
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sorry to hear about your dog Robo :'(
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Me too, sorry about the dog I can imagine how much you miss him. When pets die it's almost like losing a family member! I also have lost a cat not too long ago. She was a sweetheart :'( and will always be missed. I will be getting another kitty in her place soon.
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Sorry about the cat, no kitten will ever be exactly the same as her, but of course, pets have to die sometime, like Muffin was blind, and sick for a while, and deserved to pass away ( She was nearly 15 years old! ) so I wasn't surprised when she was put down. I don't have any pics of her on me, but this is sort of what she looked like, except she was completely blonde. She was adorable!
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woah that's a pretty terrier... I wish it could live in my aquarium lol ^,^
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RoboDude, what a cute tiny dog! I love it.
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Heres one of my papillon. Enjoy!
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Another lovely dog ;D Folks, you better stop posting these pictures! It makes me angry because I can't have a dog right now, and looking at these photos makes me want a dog so bad!
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Well, I have 2 of the most adorable pitbulls ever...I hate it that they have a bum rap they are really nice dogs!

If anyone has any DOG questions I'm more than happy to answer! Certified vet tech, tech'ing for almost 9 years!
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I prefer smaller dogs but I do think that pitbulls get too much heat...

the only reason they are aggressive is because some stupid people think they are just big mean dogs and buy them and train them to be aggressive / neglect them so then they are more aggressive than other dogs... they are just as sweet as any other dog and just need to be treated like it
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That is true...also note that bite stats aren't that accurate; not every "pitbull" that bites is a "pitbull"; so many other dogs are mistaken, and the sad truth is that if the breed is not known or if it is a mutt it's automatically assumed its a pit. I have to pay at least double for my home insurance and my dogs are awesome and sweet! If I had a biting lab or golden, I wouldn't have to pay so much! I really wish that the positive side of this breed was showcased more than the neglected, abused, and negative side.

I love all dogs but little dogs are not for me; I think they are by far much meaner than any pit or rott I've came across in the last 8 years!!! >
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I am definitely a larger dog type of person.. It's so frickin sad, because these "thug" boys that live next door to me have a pit bull, and they beat him up all the time to make them mean. Like the pit will be all happy and content and not bothering anybody, and then one of the boys will come over and start yelling at it and smacking it in it's face, and it makes the dog growl and bite him.

it ****** me off lol

anywho I called the cops on him for animal abuse, but since the dog had no bruises on him, was well fed and housed, they didn't take my word for it. and now I have these "thug" boys on my bad side.. lol UHOH!

Amazingly my brand new car (a Toyota Corolla Sport with over $2,000 dollars of customs on it) got egged and keyed the same night. I wonder who did that....?? lol

It was worth it tho, as long as I tried.
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I hate the "thugs" that give these wonderful dogs a bad rap. It has caused pitbulls to be outlawed in a lot of counties around here (I live in a suburb of baltimore). I have a pit too. I've had him since he was 6weeks old, he is seven now. He is the most lovable, loyal, spoiled dog ever. He is an absolute wimp. My husband's beagle picks on him, eats his food, and steals his toys from him and all he does is cry...he won't defend himself. I love my dog. I will post a pic of him later...I don't have any on my computer here at work. He is so beautiful.

If anyone is interested check out the website : badrap.org

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That's where I live -- in baltimore
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have you tried calling animal control rather than the police on the "thugs" that are abusing the dog? what county do you live in? The saddest part is, in most counties around here, pitbulls are not adopted from the pound. So if they do step in and help the dog, it may wind up being put down. We don't have a good pitbull rescue here in maryland that I have found. I thought about starting one myself but I don't have the time or space. :'(
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Actually I thought by calling the police, that they would issue in animal control; but that is not what happened. It's sad because the last time I seen them being abusive toward the dog was in the summertime, and now they stay in the house most of the time, so Ihaven't gotten any new "evidence" By now, it may be too late to save the poor dog, as he may already be too vicious from all the abuse.

So if I call animal control the next time I see anything, they probably will put the dog down It's sad but I suppose it's better than to have my 2 year old beautiful neice Lauren (whom my fiancee and I babysit quite often) be exposed to the horrors of a dog like that.....

Anywho. It's a sad situation.

BTW, I live in Baltimore County (Dundalk)
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It's so sad that people are so horrible to these dogs! I still don't know why they are beaten up and abused so much, I mean yea to make them mean but I can't see the "satisfaction" one could get from doing this! If I raise my voice my dogs cower, so I can't see why hitting them would make them mind me any better!

Oh, and my dogs are AFRAID of cats! I have 2 cats, and while my male is facinated (my female doesn't care), he will run and hide behind my female and bark at them! And if its a stray cat (yes, I feed my strays), they are both PETRIFIED!

Luckily my town is ok with pits, but in Boston (I live in MA) I would have to muzzle them in public. Guess we're never going to Boston! I'm originally from Hawaii, and they are like the state dog out there! Practically everyone has one (or a mix of one), and you just don't hear of the problems that are here in the states! They are used for hunting boar out there, and from what I have seen (I lived there almost 15 years) they would be at the park, beach, pet shows, obedience, and were all very good dogs! While I DO NOT condone it, people fought them out there, too, but on a different level; the dogs weren't beaten, they were all people friendly/dog aggressive. Those dogs were treated like gold.

It's just sad that irresponsible owners and a hyped up media have tarnished this breed. But I think with more and more responsible people the bad rep will disappear, and the next "fad" of "vicious" dog will emerge. THat's the problem with BSL (Breed specific legislation); ban pitbulls, go ahead. But those same people will just find another breed to abuse...it's happening with Filas (they are Brazilian and MEAN, at least the ones I've seen are), Presa Canarios (the dogs that killed the woman in San Fran), Cane Corsos, and Mastiffs! So then what? Ban them, too? What will be left?

I'm currently doing a research paper on DBF (Dog Bite Fatalities), and while "pit-bull-type dogs" were at the top of the list (rotts second), there were a total of 25 breeds (golden retrievers, labs, and even a WESTIE included) that caused death-by-bite!!! And one last thing; the sad thing (and even quoted in this article) is that not everyone knows what a pit is!!! All the bite stats are inaccurate; people see a dog with a big head and short and assume its a pit! That's the worst because it's not always a pit!

Ok, enough for now!

Check out this website and take the test for yourself! EVERYONE I have sent it to has "failed"!
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Needless to mention ... it makes me sick just hearing about animal abuse/cruelty - I could never understand that, ever. I am not a mean and hateful person but I have to say that I really hate people who do these things. What satisfaction is there in abusing an animal much smaller and weaker than yourself while knowing that this animal is weaker than yourself? Some people are so cruel there are no words to describe them. It all makes me very sad. I hope animal abusers get what they deserve.

EmpPleco, at least you took action, you actually did something to help the poor dog. Most people would probably stay indifferent to the situation. It turns out though that the police isn't always as helpful as they should be. Have you ever heard of ASPCA? It's called "The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals". I don't know where they're located besides New York, but I think they must have their units across several cities in the US. Perhaps there is one near you? (You'd have to research that.) Anyway, it's a great organization dedicated to helping abused, stray, and homeless animals. They have their show on Animal Planet; it's called "Animal Cops". Actual animal police officers go around the city and rescue abused animals. They have "Animal Cops" in NYC and in other US cities. Maybe you could try that?

Here is ASPCA's New York website:
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P.S. RudeeRu, love your dogs!

My friend also has a pitbull and the dog is lovely - never was aggressive toward any people or other animals. The dog loves to cuddle and is just so wonderful. You're all right, it is people who raise dogs to be mean or aggressive. If one raises a dog properly - no matter what breed - it will be a good dog.
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that's a great idea Isabella, but I haven't really seen them do anything to the dog recently, because it's wintertime and they are all staying inside (who knows what goes on behind closed doors with that poor dog ) but next time I see them I will be sure to call it's ridiculous - I don't know how people could do it either.

ONe of my stupid ex boyfriends kicked my cat a looonnnggg time ago, and needless to say, even though everything else was good in our relationship, he was OUTTA THERE!!!! Pig,,,,,,,
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LOL, way to go EmpPleco! I don't think I could easily forgive someone who kicked my cat (or dog if I had one, or any of my pets whatsoever) either. I love animals too much. Besides, someone who beats up animals can't possibly be a good person. How can a person be good if he/she has the guts to kick innocent animals? That's cruel and someone's gotta have no conscience to do something like that. If my boyfriend kicked my pet with cold blood, it would actually show his true face come out - that he's not sensitive. And that's not a good thing if one has no feelings. I wouldn't want a boyfriend, or any friend whatsoever, like this. It's hard for me to say if I could break up with someone I love very much right away after he kicked my pet, but an action like this would definitely give me a lot to think about. An act like this shows a person really is cruel inside. I think I would eventually have to end the relationship too, as I would have a proof that he's cold and without compassion for weaker and innocent beings. And besides, if he's not hesitant to abuse animals what makes you think he wouldn't eventually hit you? People who abuse animals are often known to abuse other human beings too as a matter of fact.
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very true -- the thought going through my head was- well if he has enough balls to do this right in front of me, then he could very well be hitting me one day, and I sure don't put up with that lol
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omg! You guys have such beautiful dogs! I feel so jealous now lol! I made a board with my dog, is there anyway I can delete it? I'll just add my pic here with the rest of the dogs lol.

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Love the Dog, Angellover! I like all dogs, but usually I like small dogs or huge dogs, not in between! Pugs, Chocolate Labs, Dachshunds, Yorkshire Terriers, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Irish Setters are some great examples of my favorite kinds of dogs!!!!!!
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By now, it may be too late to save the poor dog, as he may already be too vicious from all the abuse.

I just wanted to put in my 2 cents here........
Abusing the dog may not make him vicious at all. It can make him very unwilling to trust humans, but that doesn't mean he'll bite.
Example: My Pit / AmStaff was terribly abused by his first owner. The guy beat him (with his hands and several different objects), starved him, burned him with cigarettes, tortured him with a high-pressure hose, left him tied for days to a table with no food or water, tried to make him fight, when that failed, he decided to use him as a "bait dog"...............
This was over a year and a half ago. Buddy still has emotional scars, but he has never bitten anyone. I can put my hand in his dish when he's eating, take toys from him, pick him up and carry him with no objection at all. My seven year old step-daughter is one of Buddy's favorite people. She can lay on him, walk up behind him and pet him, take his tug from him by simply saying "give," amd when he takes a treat out of her hand his eyes go all soft and melty......
So please don't think it is too late for the "thug boys" pit! Even if he is too aggressive to be adopted, I believe it would be better for him to be "put down" and have a quiet, peaceful end to his miserable life than be constantly beaten for reasons he can never know or understand.


(here are a few pics of my terribly abused rescue. Tell me if you see a monster there.)

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