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    Thunder Valued Member Member

    I'm picking up a complete 75g tank/stand/light and everything. The tank is 3 years established. There is a Fluorite substrate (unknown color). Will it be okay to mix in the new EcoComplete?

    There are 2 Discus, but I'll be passing them onto someone else that wants them.

    My plan is to have a school of green GloFish, a school of Glowlight Tetras, and one Striped Raphael catfish. I am undecided on which school of bigger sized fish. I may be getting a couple of Neon Tetras or Cardinal Tetras later on in the end.

    For now, how many of each, the GloFish and Glowlight Tetras? Suggestions for a bigger sized fish and how many?

    There's a strip light included, but it is 6.56 wpg. I do not know how many bulbs it holds, but if 4, I'll remove 2. If only 2, I'll replace them. My goal is to reach around 3 wpg (dont want to set up a pressurized Co2 system) and use Flourish Excel.

    Obviously I'll be having this tank planted. I'm undecided on which plants. I'll think on that some more.

    Merry Christmas (to me, too)!
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    Hi Thunder, I moved your thread is the Stocking area of the forum.
    It might not have gotten the attention it needs in the forum it was in.

    If The EcoComplete question isn't answered by other members here, you might want to post that question in the Substrates section of the forum.