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  1. chickadee Fishlore VIP Member

    Hope you can use some of these:

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  2. beckers4oranges Member Member

    i love your bettas....i just bought another one and now i have two...their very pretty fish
  3. newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    thanks chickadee :)
  4. betta waita Initiate Member

    ur crown tails are number 1 in my books!
  5. EmpPleco Well Known Member Member

    AHHH MARTY he is so gorgeous :)

    I just showed him to my fiancee and when we went to our LFS this afternoon, we were looking for one that color, and couldn't find one!
  6. Jon Well Known Member Member

    wow... what specific type of tail is that black/ red finned one considered? its very unique looking. Gorgeous!
  7. chickadee Fishlore VIP Member

    In the thread "THE FIRST FLARE" under Fish Photos, Gunnies said she thought he looke like a Combtail so I don't know but he doesn't seem like the regulare Crowntail. The breeder/dealer that I got him from spoils me unusually so I usually get quality fish and Noel was indeed a surprise when he got here. I adored him and was wowed by his looks. I had never seen a tail like his before or since. He is also only about 8 month old so he could have been bred had I chosed to. I just didn't have the set-up or ability to do so. Marty is 4 months old so I could also breed him. I just wish I had the room and the ability to do it, I bet they would both have beautiful babies.

  8. Jon Well Known Member Member

    my mom comes to the fish stores with me and she almost cries when she sees the bettas in the tiny cups... i told her how easy it would be to take care of them and now she is thinking of buying a bi-orb or a small tank kit to put in her kitchen in order to save one of the bettas from the torcherous fish stores...

    kind of a tough debate...

    Support the inhumane keeping of bettas Vs. Rescue a poor little betta?
  9. fish_r_friend Well Known Member Member

    im with you jon all fish stores that iv been to hav bettas in litle cups :mad: :mad: so if i had the monny i would buy 5 gallon tanks for all of them
  10. chickadee Fishlore VIP Member

    There are 3 gallone Bio orbs that they could probaby get along in quite well with very frequent (weekly water Chang's ad a lot of pampering but it of work. I know my 3 gallon takes 3 times the work the 5 gallon the 5 gallone does. and being a bio-orb wouldn't change that one bit..

  11. Marc Well Known Member Member

    Heh, I actually made a design to humanely store large amounts of Betta. Relatively cheap, filtered, heated, lit, roughly 1.5 gal per fish... it even had rows that rolled out on drawers :)

    If I get a chance I'll make one and maybe people will start using them :p
  12. Jon Well Known Member Member

    could i see that design? is it plastic?
  13. EmpPleco Well Known Member Member

    That would be awesome :)
  14. chickadee Fishlore VIP Member

    Sorry, Marc, 1.5 gallons is not a humane amount of water in which to store a Betta. I feel like I am pushing it by keeping one in a 3 gallon and if I didn't do almost twice the amount of care of the 5 gallon I wouldn't even consider it. I am trying to get another 5 gallon as soon as I can, but I haven't been able to as yet.

    Sorry, to put a damper on things, but where it comes to Bettas, I call 'em where I see 'em.

  15. EmpPleco Well Known Member Member

    1.5 gallons is still MUCH better to store betters in until they are bought from a perspective buyer. I would definately say the idea is cool because its so much better than those darn cups they keep them in
  16. Marc Well Known Member Member

    Well, I meant humane without making it unreasonable for the stores :p

    Most pet stores view Betta as a throw-away fish and would never dedicate more than a half gallon or so of water to them, if they were given a choice. This system at least gives them some water, filters it, heats it, and keeps it lit as well. They also have enough room to move, albeit small. Sadly, no pet store would dedicate a large amount of space for the storage of this fish and it's truly sad.

    As for the design, it could go one of a few ways. It may be plastic, glass, or acrylic, depending on cost.

    I'd rather not give the full design away without a working model/copyright (hey, I can dream that I'll make some money!) but I can say that it can be used as any amount of storage. It'll basically be that each unit can hold 12 Fish, for the larger size, that is, and it's stackable. Each unit is lit, heated, and filtered, and they all share water but remain in their own ~1.5 gallon section. Once I build this I can see if it can be enlarged so they have more space but sometimes it just removes the usefulness if it just takes up alot of room.
  17. Jon Well Known Member Member

    1.5 gallons woudl be fine for bettas in a fish store... you cant expect stores to give there fish the amount of water they need most fish are kept in about a quarter sized aquarium when in a store and they are way crowded.
  18. chickadee Fishlore VIP Member


    Only a suggestion, but are they going to be able to see each other? If they remain in constant flare it will stress them and could kill some of them due to stress. I had to put up a barrier between mine for a while here a while back because they got locked on each other and wouldn't quit. They were slightly crazy for about an hour afterward. If they can see each other all the time and have no barriers to their sight it will stress them beyond what they can handle.

    Just a suggestion.

  19. heartbeat Initiate Member

    very beutiful crown tails,,... they look very healthy too
  20. chickadee Fishlore VIP Member

    I had just lost my original Betta and the fish that started me in the love of my little "family" when I decided to buy Marty. I already had Noel. They have been given the over protective care of the most panicky fishkeeper in all of keeperdom. If I even dream that they "look strange", I beat a quick path to Butterfly or Gunnie, who usually tell me I'm being too concerned and all will be okay (and it is). So yes, they are VERY healthy. (and in case you have read in the polls, yes they do get vitamins LOL) I am absolutely silly when it comes to my bettas. :p