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So I am trying to get rid of my algae problem.. have been doing 15 percent changes with ro water only and it seems to be helping but I still have .25 phosphates... Are there any phosphate removers that are reef safe? I was using phosguard and noticed my mushroom closed up. I though he was shedding but has been closed up for 8 days. Via research I found out that phosguard is not recommended for reef tanks so I pulled it out. I hope my mushroom opens back up, all my other corals seem fine so maybe its just an extended shedding? Any ideas?
I've used phosban with nothing but good effects in my reef. I currently use all in one biopellets (switched over from the regular biopellet) that have the phosphate remover inside the pellet. I've only been using them about a month so far so can't comment on how well they do with phosphates yet.

Phosban will definitely work if you want to try that though. Use half the amount they recommend and rinse it really well before putting it in your sump or reactor. It's more effective in a reactor but you can put it in a filter bag in your sump too if you don't have a reactor.
HI skg,
I've used RowaPhos (and still do when required) with no adverse effects - in a reactor. Many US reefers highly recommend BRS GFO - it's cheap and effective.

Too, I've also used PhosGuard in my reef with no issues - in a filter bag in the sump. The only thing to note with PhosGuard, IIRC, is that it should be thoroughly rinsed in RODI, as the dust can have negative impacts on corals. I'll double check my bottle of it, but pretty sure it was mentioned in the instructions.

Study from Seachem about PO4 removers and corals for interest's sake:
I know this is a late response to this topic but anyone interested in Phosphate removal should checkout Aquavitro Phosfiltrum. Aqua vitro is of course a Seachem company. This is more than Phosguard and more than PhosNet (both Seachem Phosphate solutions)

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