Phosguard? My Fish Are Dying

  1. IndigoNight Initiate Member

    Need help quick! I posted in the fish disease forum that I just lost a honey gourami... it developed huge lumps and died within 48 hours. I had tested and done a water change a few days earlier and all was fine. I did a 25% change yesterday again. Today one of my glofish is dying. No lumps, but is gasping on the bottom right now.

    I just retested and all parameters are good EXCEPT nitrates are 0 according to API! they're normally about 20. The only thing I can think of that's different is that I put 1/3 of a mesh bag of PhosGuard into the filter about a week ago. Would that kill the nitrates?? I'm heartbroken and very worried about losing the rest of my fish. What should I do?
  2. IndigoNight Initiate Member

    Ugh! Disregard the part about nitrates... I just retested and they're fine... I shook the bottle for 2 minutes this time instead of 30 seconds and they're between 10-20 ppm as usual. But I'm still stumped about what's killing my fish!!

  3. NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    Huge lumps can be from several diseases. Gouramis are prone to a few of them. Danios less, but they can catch most diseases gouramis get.
    Was there a recent introduction of anything new?
  4. IndigoNight Initiate Member

    The gourami was the newest fish, a month ago. Always shy and didn't eat much, but never looked sick until the day before it died. The danio is quickly dying, too. The only recent change is the PhosGuard, all water parameters are good, and all the other fish look fine. No pineconing, no sores, no weird poo, etc. And the gourami's huge lumps disappeared right after it died.