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  1. Kathy Potts

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    Well........ I am glad to announce that I am now the proud new owner of 11 Philippine Blue Angelfish. They arrived today at 1:51 PM. Guess who I got them from? Yes........ from one of our beloved members!! Harpua!!!

    Here is a quick pic as they are acclimating in the bag. Not a good pic by any means, but an introduction non the less. For all those that are familiar with me and my camera, you can expect many forth coming pics of my beautiful new babies in the future. Gosh!!! I am so excited!!! And I get to share my excitement with fellow fish hobbyist that also enjoy fish keeping. So hold on to your hats as we begin the journey of the Philippine Blue Angels now in their new home with me :happy0064:
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    Congrats kathy they will be great looking fish and I'm sure in your care they will grow in to outstanding fish and will have some beautiful offspring :)
  3. bubblynutter

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    Congrats Kathy!

    Nice congos, too! ;)
  4. Chris123

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    Congrats Kathy!

    looks like alll the fish are in the same bag by the looks of the photo lol
  5. bolivianbaby

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    Congratulations, Kathy!

    They are stunning!

    Congrats on the congo's, too! I know you've been wanting some for awhile.
  6. OP
    Kathy Potts

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    They are a little smaller than dime size. I have them along with the congo tetra's, the 1 new Zebra Angelfish, and the albino bristlenose plecos in the 29 gallon bow front. Quarantine. But I did add some of my baby angels from one of Romeo & Juliet's in with them so I can observe the quarantine and the results of new angels being introduced with mine. If both sets live, then I know that it will be ok down the road to let the new source mingle with mine. Hope I have screwed up already. They are all about the same size, so there should not be any problem with aggression. Since I play musical aquariums around here, after I know that all is well, the Congo's will go into the 180 gallon tank. I love the Congo's and have only one left. Kept the same original group for many many years, but just have the one left now. He will have new room mates if everything checks out later.

    I fed the newbies for the first time a little while ago. All but the larger Zebra and one Blue ate. Not worried yet......... they are probably just scared to death. The others were little pigs LOL.

    Having them in the 29 gallon bow front will present some problems with getting really good pics, but there are always options down the road. Remember musical aquariums around here LOL.
  7. catsma_97504

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    Knowing how successful with breeding you are, I expect to see tanks full of tiny blue babies in the future.

    Beautiful fish! Good luck and can't wait for your pictures.
  8. Simon Law

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    Awesome! This is my specialty! Blue Angelfish!! I really wished I lived in the States... I would have loved to have shared some of the Blue Angels I've produced with you. It could have been some exciting teamwork and we could have produced some outstanding funky Blue Angels!
  9. OP
    Kathy Potts

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    They are Chris. They did not arrive that way however. Harpua had them packaged very well. Everybody with the correct number of fish in each bag. Since I was going to quarantine all of them in the same tank, I gently placed all the fish in one bag with the water that they came in and then started the acclimation period.

    I took a bigger bag, added the fish, rolled the top of the bag down, and placed it into the empty aquarium. Then started the very very slow process of adding the tank water that they would eventually be in into their bag. Also added a bit of Prime to the bag and also some to the tank. I added about 4 ounces of water to begin with. Then waited 15 minutes. Then added another 4 ounces of water. Waited 10 minutes several times with also adding the small amounts of water. Later I went to 5 minute intervals. I kept this up for a good 2 hours or more. Then I gently dipped the fish out of the bag and into the tank they went. After a wait, I then fed them a little something. Will feed them more later.
    Thanks everybody!!!

    Yes, I have been wanting more Congo's for quite a while. But with as many fish as I have, I absolutely hate to introduce new fish. Learned my lesson on what can happen if you do not quarantine new fish the hard hard way. The last experience we had with not quarantining new fish, we ended up loosing approx. 70% of the inhabitants of the 180 gallon tank. Big Big Loss. Our fault though for not quarantining. Being the type person that I am, the Obsessive Compulsive type that worries about stuff, I was terrified with bringing in new fish. I had gotten a few fish from you BB and from Navyscuba, but I knew the source and trusted that source. Harpua is also on that list of trustworthy source/stock. She suggested quarantining however like all good aquarians should, even in this case. Though there should not be any problem either. You can not argue with logic.
  10. Simon Law

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    It looks like you have a fine selection of Blue Ghosts and Blue Zebras. The Phillipine Blue gene is recessive so you will need to have both parents being blue or the offspring will never exhibit any blue colouration even though they may carry a blue gene. Blue Angels usually start exhibiting blue coloration in the crown area around 10 weeks of age so it develops quite late much like the smokey gene.

    The blue coloration is more pronounced when combined with dark pigmentation associated with Dark Angels (Blue + Dark = "Pinoy") and Smokey Angels.

    The 2 fish in the pics were from same parents. The fish in pic 1 carried 1 dark gene and his brother in pic 2 had no dark gene. You can see the more rich intensity of blue in the first Angelfish with the dark gene.

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  11. OP
    Kathy Potts

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    +1 Again Simon!!!! Great info!!! Thank you sooooooo very much for sharing!!!!! Both are beautiful fish above. Did you raise those?

    This is the genetics on the ones that I got.

    "(zebras pb/pb Z/+ and ghosts pb/pb S/+). Parents are unrelated and both from reputable sources: father is a blue clown bred by Mike Gibbs and mother carries a single blue gene bred by Peter Bottle."

    I am just now getting into genetics and really not sure what the above means? Could you possibly give me some input?
  12. Simon Law

    Simon LawValued MemberMember

    I could talk genetics all day!:;ufo

    Offspring will always take 1 gene from the mother and 1 gene from the father for every part of it's body including its appearance therefore the genetic makeup of the Angelfish is always broken up into pairs i.e. pb/pb - Z/+ - S/+ etc. When a baby takes a gene from the mother it will look at the same place in the father and take a gene from him. So for example the baby takes a gene for the heart in the mother and it will take a gene for the heart from the father.

    The standardised notation for genetics says that characters in uppercase are dominant genes while any lowercase letters means its a recessive gene. Therefore pb (phillipine blue) is recessive while Z (zebra) is dominant. The + symbol means wild/natural and there is no special gene; therefore, Z/+ means it has one Zebra gene from a parent and nothing special from the other parent. An Angelfish that was +/+ and nothing else would be a standard silver Angelfish AKA "wild type".

    Dominant genes such as - Zebra(Z) and Stripeless(S) need only 1 dose to exhibit it's effect on the body therefore a Z/+ would still look like a Zebra Angelfish (a Z/Z would look even more intense). A S/+ would look stripeless (a S/S would be completely stripeless and is known as a blushing Angelfish). However recessive genes would need 2 doses or it will be hidden and you wouldnt notice any difference in it's appearance therefore a pb/+ Angelfish will look no different.

    So lets take a theoretical pairing of your new Blue Angelfish. Let's say you paired two Blue Ghosts :- pb/pb - S/+ & pb/pb - S/+

    The offspring will all be pb/pb so you can be sure they will all be Phillipine Blue. The second part will be interesting - S/+ & S/+. This means that you could have several combinations! S/+ or +/+ or S/S! So some of your fry will be pb/pb - S/+ (The exact lookalikes of the parents). Some will be pb/pb - +/+ (Blue Silvers). Finally........ some will be pb/pb - S/S!!!!!! Blushing Blue or otherwise known as PARAIBA!

    This was an introduction to genetics and has probably raised more questions than it has answered them! LOL - I hope you found it helpful.

    P.S. Yes I raised those 2 boys since they were 3cm - I bought a batch of 8 juveniles.
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  13. iloveengl

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    Oooo I'm so excited for you Kathy! :D I'm looking forward to you sharing them with us as they grow up! :;fb
  14. harpua2002

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    Looking good Kathy! I'm glad they are settling in so well for you. I'll be watching your threads as you grow them out!

    I had no idea that you had lost so much of your stock before. All of my fish have to go through a QT/observation period here but of course I would always recommend QT regardless. :)
  15. OP
    Kathy Potts

    Kathy PottsWell Known MemberMember

    The genetics listed above, is that the parents genetics or the babies that I have now?
  16. dog_bones

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    Very pretty fish Kathy! They are in the best of care possible. They are very lucky fish!:)
  17. Simon Law

    Simon LawValued MemberMember

    It looks like the genetics to the babies. pb/pb - Z/+ are the Blue Zebras. pb/pb - S/+ are the Blue Ghosts.
  18. Aquarist

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    Yeah!!!! New fish! :)

    Have fun Kathy and I'll be looking forward to your updates!

    Simon...Beautiful Angels. Never seen this type before. :)

  19. lorabell

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    WOW!!!! Beautiful babies!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!
  20. OP
    Kathy Potts

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    So if I take the babies, and breed them back to each other, brother to sister, what percentage of blues should I end up with?