pH too high for Kuhli loach?


Is 7.4-7.6 too high a pH for kuhlI loaches? The articles I've read recommend a pH range of 6-7 but I've also read that fish will adapt to most pH levels , given that they don't experience giant swings. I've never messed with the pH of my tank so I'd love some guidance!


My ph is 7.6 in both my tanks . The kuhlis will be fine, the fish I keep are all soft water fish like tetras, angel ,bn plecs . Alison


Oh wonderful, I was nervous about having to mess with pH! Thanks aliray!


Your welcome. Alison


Most PH recommendations are for wild caught to mimic natural habitats and to improve breeding habits, with some exceptions, like Discus (they need very soft, pristine water conditions all the time) and saltwater fish. The majority of fish in fish stores are tank born and bred, usually in neutral to slightly alkaline water (7.0 and greater).

Ask the store what their PH is and as long as it is less than .5 difference from yours, then traditional acclimation is fine (float bag, gradually replace store water with tank water, net fish into tank). If it is greater than .5 difference or you are transferring sensitive fish then you may consider drip acclimating instead to reduce the shock on the fish.


I was going to test the bag water once I got them to see what the readings look like, but you make a good point about wild vs. tank raised. I hadn't thought of that.


The only problem is that kuhlI loaches in this country for sale are wild caught not tank bred. Which is something I just recently learned while trying to find some. Apparently they are not that easy to breed on a large scale and so cheap to buy the wild ones even with them being imported Alison


I will vouch that my kuhlis are alive and happy after many months in a 7.8-8.0 pH tank.


Yes, its not just the water. But also a lack of knowledge. KuhlI loaches are quite secretive about breeding habits.
even when it happens in a tank, breeders frequently don't realize it has happened!
even more complications are caused by the fact that a variety of loaches are all named kuhli, though they are not the same type.

Ive had them for years with zero health issues in a 7.5
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Whew! Thanks everybody


I also have mine at 7.5 with no problem
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