Ph Swings And Snails Shells


So I have a few snails in 3 different tanks. The snail in my 5 gallon is doing wonderfully, so he's out. The snail in my 10 gallon (used to be in my 20 gallon until I noticed my pleco rasping on his shell) has a very sad shell, as well as the bladder snail in my 20g.

I've been told that the sad shells are due to pH swings. Every time I test my water (once a week at water change time), it's right around 7.2 - 7.6. is that a big enough swing to drastically effect my snails shells? And is it odd that both snails still have sad shells, even though their in different tanks? How can I stablize my pH, and where should it be at?

- 20g
4x bettas
1x abn pleco
~2x bladder snails
(Had ghost shimp, but I think they got munched)

- 10 gallon and 5 gallon each
1x betta
1x mystery snail


What's your GH level? GH measures calcium and a few other things, more important to Shell growth than pH. Also pH, below 7 , would erode snail shells. PH of above 7 should be ok.
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Okay, thanks! I have a gH test kit, but I haven't used it yet. I'm also not sure how to properly read it lol. I'll test it in a few and get back to you!

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