pH stays low.


The pH out of my tap is 7.2, but my tank is reading 6.0. I don't have anything in my tank that is not aquarium safe. I have several plants, aquarium-intended gravel, and decorations. Other than that, just fish.

Even with regular 25% weekly water changes, I cannot get any sort of change in the pH reading. If anyone has any advice on this, such as an item that will buffer it out between 6.8 and 7.2, that would be excellent. Thanks.

Oh, also my cycle seems to have gone awry...0.25ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrite, and 10ppm nitrate. Tank has been Prime'd and will get bio-spira in the morning(once I can go pick some up)


OK, the usual round of questions first, lol

Exactly what gravel/substrate do you have? When you perform your water changes, how do you do this? Do you use a siphon tube and do you poke the gravel deeply (with the siphon tube) to remove all the trapped fish waste and uneaten food from under the gravel? Unremoved fish waste and food, will keep increasing your Nitrate now matter how many and how large water changes you perform. Next, how long have you had this tank? What is its size? How many fish and what fish are in it? How do you clean your filter and how often? Do you have any decaying plants? Using any plant fertilizers? Have driftwood?

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