pH rising

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    My pH keeps rising in my 15 gallon tank it's at about 8. Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate are at perfect levels but I don't know what is going on with the pH. I have 4 Juvenile Angelfish in this tank and I read they aren't good with pH changing drastically. I added 15ml of pH decreaser on March 5th. Tested the tank last night and no change in the pH. Is there anything else I can try without adding more chemicals to my tank? I've read that distilling water will help lower the pH. Does any have any experience with that?
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    Have you tested your tap?? Maybe something changed from that, making it more alkaline...

  3. Aquarist

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    Good afternoon,

    I would recommend that you not use chemicals to alter your pH levels. They are unstable and can lead to a pH crash resulting in fish loss. Sudden changes in pH can be fatal to your fish. It is more important and easier to maintain a pH level than it is to try and pinpoint a certain level and keep it there via frequent water changes.

    Most fish for the home aquarium can adapt to the pH levels we have right from the tap with chlorine/chlorimines removed first. :)

    Here is a link on pH that will give you natural methods of altering your pH which will much safer for your fish:

    A pH level of 8.0 shouldn't be an issue for your fish as long as they are acclimated properly. I suggest the drip acclimation method for all new fish:

    Quarantine for new fish is highly recommend. I recommend for 1 month.

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    i used to use chemicals to change my ph but i dont anymore and i would strongly advise against using any type of chems!