PH question(lowering it)

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    I have tested my tap water(right away, after 24 hours and after 48) and got 8.2 all 3 times. I want to keep some GBR(I have one in my tank right now) and have been advised by many to lower my PH to 7ish. I have started filtering my tank with Peat(in my canister filter) and began using RO water with a GH kit to make it around 3(API kit, so 3 drops) I have been using straight RO water(since it has no buffering in it) to also slowly lower my PH, it has dropped .2 so far down to 7.8(it was at 8 after a week with peat) and am wondering what you guys think the best way of keeping it stable. Should I get an alkaline buffer(such as the Seachem one) and use that to dial up my CH to around 8 or so? or should I find a mixutre of my tap water and RO water that suits my PH needs? I will say my fish do seem a LOT happier dropping my ph a total of .4 so far! they are all a lot more active and i see no signs of stress on ANY of them(I did before)

    What do you guys think?(or should I say screw it and just switch back to regular tap water(8.2ph)
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    I would not use a chemical for sure.

    I think you can either keep going with the RO water and find a good mix for you and your fish, or get fish that are going to be most comfortable in your pH.

    The other thing I know you can try is driftwood in the tank, it'll lower the pH naturally as well.

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    I think ill just use a mixture of tap water and RO water to get a desired PH(like 50/50 or something) I wasn't sure if the buffer really changed the PH since it just changes the KH of the water, not the PH.

    I have read that link, but really want to keep neons, and have been failing to do so. The only reasoning i can think of is my PH is to high for them.