PH Question - Is it a must?

  1. Maida_gc Member Member

    I've noticed that Ram Chichlids prefer a slightly acidic or acidic PH 5.0-7.0. With a 7.4 or akaline water does this mean I should entirly forget about this species as an addition to my tank. How does PH effect fish when not in preffered water. I can only imagine fish stores do not mess with their PH that much and the Rams seem fine in different tanks, just curious how I should approach this fish, as well as tips for other approaching any other fish that will join a situation of not preffered traits. Thanks. G.
  2. Maida_gc Member Member

    I should also add I'm very weary of adding PH lowers etc - they are very new to me, and I've heard mostly negative things for fish and maintenance. Thanks

  3. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Don't play with your pH it just causes it to fluctuate and stress your fish.
    As for Rams i have successfully kept them in7.4 pH. You just have to acclimate them carefully and keep their water clean.
  4. Maida_gc Member Member

    Excellent news and advice as always. I will give it a try. I'm very pleased to hear your success story as well.

  5. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    I am currently keeping Otocinclus ("delicate, soft & acidic water fish") in a pH of around 8 (which is unfortunately my tap water), and I have heard of someone doing the same with Angels and Discus, although they obviously weren't breeding.  Some people believe it isn't fair to make fish live in such unnatural conditions, but I believe the pH adjusters are more harmful.  Besides, the lfs will have the same water as you.  Changing the pH isn't bad, though, if you change it 'naturally.'  Adding rocks rich in minerals raises the pH, and to lower it you can add bogwood or put peat moss in the filter.  However, you may have trouble getting the pH to go down if your water is hard, and it means extra I wouldn't bother.  7.4 is just fine, and a lot of Rams are captive-bred anyway, so are used to different water conditions.
  6. Maida_gc Member Member

    Good to hear others confirm my original thought. Great to share, much appriciated. Cheers guys.