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Discussion in 'pH' started by ilikefish, Apr 6, 2010.

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    I have a high ph in all my tanks 7.4-8.0 (it varies per tank)
    KH is between 3-4.5 (it varies per tank)

    So I have almost no CO2 concentration

    Long story short I would like more CO2 per tank and its likely impossible unless I drop my ph... but how?

    Ive heard of peat moss in the filter but I can't get my hands on that... I have also heard of driftwood but it can be pricy... any other ideas?

  2. Meenu

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    I like your signature. If you want to get peat, have you considered ordering it online?
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    to my understanding, lowering ph does not raise CO2 content but injecting CO2 does lower your pH. CO2 does not dissolve in water the same way two liquids dissolve into each other. CO2 actually reacts with H2O (water) to form a weak acid H2CO3 and because H2CO3 is a weak acid, it dissociates into two ions: H+ (which is what makes the water more acidic) and HCO3-. Because of various properties of water, you can compare your pH and kH to solve for the amount of CO2 present in the water, but lowering the pH by itself will not dissolve more CO2. To raise your CO2 level, you could easily whip up a DIY CO2 rig from some airline tubing and a 2 liter bottle. Just google DIY CO2 and you should get plenty of results

    forgot to add, Im not 100% sure of all this, this is just my basic understanding... Im sure someone knows more from experience than I do
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    Thanks : ) /bow lol... And I never thought of ordering it online... I'll check that out thanks : )
  5. OP

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    I believe this is incorrect... if you have a lower PH concentration when you add CO2 you will have a higher CO2 concentration... and if you add too much CO2 your PH will fall dramatically.
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    Adding CO2 to your tank will lower your PH . there is no need to lower the PH first. you want to have your KH at about 3-5 so your PH is less likely to crash.
    be very careful with CO2 if you don't have live plants to use it up very little goes a long way. JMHO
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  7. bass master

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    If you are to increase the CO2 by means of altering the pH, and increase in pH will actually increase the CO2 because a more acid solution would force more of the carbonic acid out of the water by making it harder for the weak acid to fully dissociate into water so the CO2 (aq) (dissolved CO2) concentration would drop at a lower (more acid) pH. Injecting CO2 would interrupt this system by over saturating the water with CO2 (which is why eventually the CO2 would leave the water) and would give you the best results for raising your CO2 concentration. If you lower your pH on top of injecting CO2, you will actually decrease the effectiveness of your CO2 system.


    I found this article and it says what I was trying to say, but in a way that actually makes sense... haha my bad, Im not all that good at explaining things... but basically you cannot alter your CO2 levels just by altering pH or KH
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