Ph For Dainty Cories

  1. Photobelle

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    I am starting to stock my newly cycled tank next week. My pH was 7.8 and recently went up to 8. I added some driftwood with Anubias about 3 weeks ago. The alkalinity aas also low (per Petco). Can I keep dainty cories at a pH of 8 or should I use something to adjust the pH. I currently have 1 pregnant platy and it is a 20long . We are getting them next week cause we are going on vacation tomorrow. The tank cycled about 2 weeks ago. I did test this am and I was 0,0 and 10 and like I said pH is 8.
  2. Fanatic

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    I think that a pH of eight is just fine for them, that's what I keep my cory at :)