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First of all the tank is overstocked.
Make sure you are stirring the gravel over the under gravel filter. Because if it is not stirred the organic material will rot and drop the pH.
Tetras are schooling fish, as such should be kept in groups of 5 or more. Platies should be kept in trios (male and two females.) Not that the lack of numbers for schooling is going to affect your pH, but it is an observation.


If only my pH would drop... 8.0 out of the tap, 8.0 in all tanks. :'(


My pH is 6.8 out of the tap and I have to raise it for my tank to just get to 7.0.

Beeboy :;co


You could add some crushed coral in your brought our 6.0ph to a 7.5ph like with in a day or so.


Make sure not to do that with fish in the water. Raising the pH that much in a short time period like that can be deadly to fish.


Except for a very few really sensitive species of fish they will acclimitise to your ph. a stable ph is much easier for your fish to deal with than one that is fluctuating because of useing ph altering chemicals.


I bought a small tufa rock to slowly bring up the pH closer to what is coming out of the tap.
I bought some crushed coral but have not put it in the tank.
Will it raise the pH to fast? How much should I put in a 10gal to raise the pH .2 a day? until I get the pH up from 6.6 to 7.5 ?

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