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Discussion in 'pH' started by knini09, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. knini09Valued MemberMember

    Hi thank you for looking and helping me with this issue.

    tank is 3 gal. used to house neon tetras then baby guppies and was empty for a long long while, well yesterday I went out with my son to a pet store and finally I decided it was time for him to have a fish again so he chooses this cute male betta fish, right from the get go I noticed some fin rot, but I said treatable right? he was set on that one so we brought him home, I cleaned the tank with hot water ONLY, used my regular sponges (I do have a 20 gal long running and used to have a 5 and 10 gal. have had a betta before for 4 years in a 5 gal, then I moved him to my 20 and put his home away, also a 3 year old ranchu goldfish, and now the guppies) acclimated the fish before putting it in the tank (after cleaning I set it up and let it run for a while) I put the fish in and I noticed from there that he is bottom sitting, has an S or sometimes U shape in his body, as well as bended sometimes when he tries to spring up to swim, and take a breath, he is better now, not as crocked anymore, but still I can see it, so I fed him, he eat well yesterday, today I gave him antibiotic food, so far he has not eaten it, and I proceed to take the water parameter and they are like this:

    ph 7.0+ it is a darker blue but not very dark if you get what I mean.
    High ph: 8.0 now I have never had such high ph but we just moved to this house and I really didn't tested the water when moving, yes I lost guppies babies but all my adult stock is still alive, and I don't even know if this higher ph will be beneficial for the betta.
    ammonia:<0 as clear as water can be, I have never seen such a thing, yes I know the tank is set up new but I used 1 gal. of water from my 20 gal. tank and I put media that I had in my 20 gal. tank cuz I knew I was using that tank again and so I just kept the media in the 20 gal. tank mean while I decided what to do with it...
    Nitrite:0 no concerns here
    Nitrate: 5.0

    thinking of doing a water change just because of the nitrates, but then I don't really want to stress even more the fish.

    should I be thinking about medication? a salt bath? adding aquarium salt to the water? should I be concerned about the high ph?
  2. Bijou88Well Known MemberMember

    Ph should be fine at 8, my betta is kept in water with 8 ph and is just fine. As long as your nitrates are under 40ppm you should be ok, 5 is not even remotely something to worry about. I wouldn't try to medicate, let him settle in a little and keep an eye on him. The best treatment for fin rot I hear is pristine water. What's your ammonia reading?

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  3. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    The best treatment for fin rot is Melafix or Betta Fix, sold at Petsmart.

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  4. knini09Valued MemberMember

    I think he is settling fine, today he does not look so bad and the body shape is not noticeable, but he is still bottom seating, and his fins are getting worse, looking kind of rag... would like to start treating that fin rot ASAP but i do not want to stress him even further... what do you all think? i am really worried, not attached just yet but i do not want the fella to die with out a chance to experience the kind of life our Kaimu-Shin had.
  5. BluestreakflWell Known MemberMember

    Melafix can actually be very harmful to bettas. It can have very bad effects against their Labrynth organ. Even betta fix isnt recommended unles as a last resort. Bettafix is actually just very diluted melafix. If you hop over to the stickies on the betta forums it goes into much greater detail.

    For finrot, pristine water conditions are indeed the best way to help it heal. You could also add a small piece of indian almond leaf to the water, it will help prevent the infection from increasing any, and has a slight antibacterial property, wont harm your good bacteria though. Bettas also very much enjoy and benefit from the indian almond leaf. If you cant find the leaf, theres a product called betta spa which is basically a liquid concentrate form of the leaf.
  6. Bijou88Well Known MemberMember

    Agreed ^ I wouldn't medicate unless it's a last resort.

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  7. knini09Valued MemberMember

    I am planing to cure it with aquarium salt, it has worked for me in the past with my Kaimu-shin when I first got him too, but he was not as bad, I was very selective with him, I must say I got him because he was very healthy, but then I housed him with some neon tetras and those ones could make a damage, my Kkaimu-Shin was too nice and gentle ... anyways I am planing on that but I do know that it stress them out a bit and the treatment is for a whole week... so maybe y should wait a week until he settles? I don't know I will let you know for sure, but I def. don't like how his fins are actually like melting? but that happened too with kkaimu-shin when I did the treatment and then started healing... so I will wait, I just checked him and he looked happy but still at the bottom of the tank ... I did get a very good shot.. maybe I will share soon...