Ph And Ammonia Problems

Discussion in 'Aquarium Water' started by robd123, Aug 25, 2018.

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    So a couple of weeks back I did a treatment for flukes but didn't realize the medicine also contained a antibiotic for secondary infections. The box never said it would adversely effect the bacteria so I treated with it and killed my BB.

    On top of this my Ph has been low and I'm fearing that I won't be able to regrow my BB without having the Ph at a decent level (it's 6 or below now). I've added some dry rock to the filter, but the ph quickly drops shortly after multiple water changes.

    Does anyone have any advice for what I should do? I could try to put a whole piece of dry rock in the tank, but I fear it'll drive the ph up too high.
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    What I would do is first test the PH from the tap,but let the sample gas off for 24 hrs before testing,this will give you a base for what is happening in your tank.In fact I would do this for ammonia,nitrite and nitrate also.You could also put a bag of carbon in your filter to help remove any lingering meds. A GH/KH test kit will also help with getting your parameters where they should be. I have a digital portable PH test meters which I feel is more accurate plus it is faster.In the end you may have to add something to bring up your PH but be careful when doing so,good luck
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