Ph 6.8 Question

  1. Linda4088

    Linda4088 Valued Member Member

    I tested my water before I went to the LFS I got 6.8 but I took water with me and they tested it. the guy said my pH was a little high. He didn't tell me the number. I guess I should have asked. However I didn't think 6.8 was high. I want to get one angel and maybe 2 GBR and a honey Gourami or two. I only have six raspbora now. Should I try to lower my Ph.
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    6.8 is nowhere near high & will suit angels, rams or gourami.
  3. ricmcc

    ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    A pH reading of 6.8 can be considered to be neutral, and would be quite fine for the fish you currently keep, and intend to keep.
    I would suggest that you take another water sample to your LFS, and get an exact number: the person who told you that 6.8 was a high level of pH was either wrong, in that 6.8 is just a tiny shade acidic, or arrived at a different reading than did you.
    Finding out which is the case would be helpful.
    All the best, rick