Petsmart Tank Kit Sale

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by Islandvic, May 24, 2019.

  1. Islandvic Well Known Member Member

    Petsmart has the following on sale.....

    Earn 1.5x points rewards through 5/27

    Sales I think are good through 6/2, but double check please.

    50% Off: Top Fin "Essentials Starter Kit" sizes 5.5-10-20-29-37-55 gallons. Heater, Silentstream filter, LED and lid included.

    $249 Marineland 75g "Majesty Ensemble", glass lid, LED and stand included. (buy online and save extra 5% on this particular tank)

    $185 Marineland 60g "Heartland Ensemble", glass lid, LED and stand included (buy online and save extra 5% on this particular tank)

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  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Giving this a bump up for members who may not have seen it yet.

  3. Islandvic Well Known Member Member

    I went ahead and got the 55g kit for $99.

    I did a leak test for 6 hours yesterday and it passed .

    Now I have to build a stand/cabinet for it.

    When I do, I will post a build thread on it.

    Building a new cabinet will be the easy part.

    The harder part is figuring out how to stock it!!

    Our first tank was the 20g Top Fin starter kit purchased February 2018. I've had zero problems with it. The heater, LED's built into the lid and filter all work great. The 20g Silentstream filter was re-homed to a 10g and works well for that application.

  4. jonnyroton New Member Member

    I am debating the 75 Gallon. It is a great price for the tank and stand with glass top. Waiting to here from my LFS to see what price they come up with. Some of the reviews talk about the quality so I was a little hesitant. Anyone have experience with the Marineland tanks?

  5. Harguess New Member Member

    I have 2 of the 60 gallons Marineland tanks. I’ve had one for 2.5 years and the other for about 6 months. I have never had an issue with either one. I love them.

  6. ystrout Well Known Member Member

    In my opinion, petsmart is terrible in the fish industry EXCEPT their tanks.

    They have amazing prices. I got my 20 gallon long tank for like $20 four years ago, and got my 75 gallon ensemble (tank, stand, lights) for $300 a year ago.

    I have never had a problem with the tanks or lids. The lights are low quality and only seem to last a year before burning out. The stand on the 75 gallon tank was made using cheap wood, but it is surprisingly very nice. It looks great and all the hinges work well.
  7. rmurray Valued Member Member

    I purchased my 75gal topfin 2 years ago. The glass is lower quality and has a slight green hue but it’s not that bad. The first tank had a hairline crack I didn’t notice till I placed it on the stand with the light on. So the switched it out with zero problems. Also they will randomly do some pretty good in store sales. Last week I got an fx6 for $240 which was a great deal.
  8. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    Hmmm.... Guess a 37 is happy medium between a 40 breeder and another 20 long huh.
    Darn you! Enabling MTS in all of us!!
  9. Ulu Well Known Member Member

    The lights will last if you waterproof the wiring. The LEDs leak where the wires go in.

    Krazy Glue or clear PVC glue or model car glue will work. Just one drop at each wire.

    Prop the lid on end and do all the left sides. When it dries a bit, turn and do the rights.
    Let it cure a day before replacement for best results.
  10. Islandvic Well Known Member Member

    @jonnyroton , we bought the same Marineland 75g ensemble last year when it was on sale.

    I have had zero issues with the tank, stand, glass lid or the light.

    Although none of the cabinet/stands at Petsmart or Petco have excellent build quality, the Marineland 75g stand doesn't use MDF or melamine in the load bearing structure. The cabinet doors might be melamine though.

    It's made of plywood and pine. Surprisingly, plywood can distribute and support weight very well.

    On mine, I reinforced the inside corners though and made some shelves.

    All the other tank/stand combo's use MDF, melamine or a combination of both.

    The LED light bar is only 36" and the stock one is not very bright.

    For some reason, mine came with the 36in "Advanced" LED bar instead that is brighter and has built in electronic timers for the white and the blue lights.

    I use the glass lids and the LED bar doesnt get wet, so I have had no issues with it.

    I added a 2nd LED light bar, a Beamswork EA series with the optional timer.

    Also, from what I recall, I believe the bottom glass is tempered.

    Also, the FX4 is $199 and FX6 is $249 through Jun 2nd, in-store only, at Petsmart.

    1.5x the rewards points also on all purchases
  11. YATT Well Known Member Member

    Man, now or never. Is the 75g trustworthy is my only worry.
  12. jonnyroton New Member Member

    @Islandvic thank you for the detailed review. I want plants so was planning on another light anyway :). I’m thinking I may just go ahead and do it. $250 seems like a pretty good deal for tank/stand and glass top. I am probably goi g to go with the aqua clear 110 and 2 sponge filters. Hmmmm dang MTS :)
  13. Islandvic Well Known Member Member

    @YATT , It has been trustworthy for us the past year.

    Pick one up and the FX4/6.

    If you get a 75g, ask for a new 75g/stand still shrink wrapped on a pallet from the racks.

    Each Petsmart received multiple 75g's for the sale. So don't settle for the floor model.
  14. YATT Well Known Member Member

    Good tip. Maybe I need to just jump in.
  15. Geoff Well Known Member Member

    Yes. Go now. Post pics.
  16. YATT Well Known Member Member

    Living vicariously huh!? I’ll call the local one tomorrow and see if they have some shrink wrapped ones in the back so I can order online. I wanted to do fancy tank with sump etc, but maybe at this price I’ll make do. (250 tank and $250 FX6 I should jump in). If I want to sell and do fancy I can dump for $200.
  17. Geoff Well Known Member Member

    Lol I sure am. I’m waiting to refinish my basement before I jump in on a big tank (or tanks ).
  18. YATT Well Known Member Member

    Here, hold me beer and credit card. Be right back!

    I do miss basements. Texas sucks in that regard.
  19. ystrout Well Known Member Member

    The 75G has worked for me without issue for a year.

    The 20G (same brand) has worked for 4 years without issue.
  20. Dedife Valued Member Member

    Thank you!!!

    I have been watching for that 10-gallon kit to go on sale to have for a QT/hospital tank. $32...great deal for tank/lights/filter/heater!