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Don't take what I'm saying the wrong way. I'm not dogging on you or any employee at the store. I'm not the customer that comes into the store to tell you all the bad things your store is doing. I'm the customer who's boycotting your store altogether, and I took my complaints directly to corporate before making that decision. I understand it's not the employees who created this culture of treating animals like inventory. But everything you are saying is just strengthening my position. You only do the best you can, and I get it, that's the best that can be expected from the employees. If anything is going to change, it needs to happen at the top. And until it does, I will take my business elsewhere. I do appreciate employees that go the extra mile to make sure customers are properly educated, but I mean, that's like having a health guru work the register at McDonalds. Just because the person ringing you up knows big macs are bad for you doesn't mean the big macs are going to get any healthier.
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Alright, I see you, and I agree completely. If the corporations did a better job, the stores wouldn't be perceived as such a bad place.
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I am officially unemployed! Yay!
Long story short, I quit because they couldn't work with my college schedule. Blaming me for never telling them the date. I also never got a forum to change my hours until the day before I was supposed to stop having such early hours (5am-11am (usually stay until 12 if I am working with fish)). I had told the store manager the date when this thread was created, when I checked with two other managers about it two weeks before college started, they had no idea what I was talking about. Then the store manager began blaming me while they kept putting off changing my schedule. It was like this for about a week and a half, meanwhile I was working six days a week, 30 hours or more by the end of it. Didn't really feel like the part time job they offered. I gave them one last chance because my schedule for this week was also supposed to be six days a week, meanwhile I had told them I couldn't work those hours. So I tried talking to the store manager again on Tuesday but he pretty much repeated himself and blamed me again, so I quit that same day. I couldn't give my two weeks because of college and this was such a huge mess that I was not going to try anymore.
When I came in a lot of employees had left, including the old store manager, so everything was kind of hectic from the start. I did keep a betta pin they were throwing out, it's pretty.
Kind of glad I made a lot of friends there, cause now I can ask for empty snail shells without being weird about it lol. I really did enjoy helping people with fish, it made me happy and was kind of like a stress reliever, but I won't work for a company who treats me like this.
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Understandable. They told you part time but work you six days a week. That's not part time. They know you are a college student. That manager is just being an unreasonable pain in the butt. He didn't want to lose a good employee by giving you fewer hours. But by doing that he has now lost you all together. Don't you just love management?
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That’s retail for you. I used to be part time and worked 6 days a week. They only gave me 5 hours a day so I didn’t get benefits. Sorry to hear about that though. Retail management only cares about one thing, and it’s people who do anything they say. The moment you have a conflicting schedule or suggest anything they don’t like, booted out the door.
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Yep, my first job was part-time at a bank and I worked 30 hours all the time. They were pretty good about my college schedule though so it wasn't an issue. 29 or 30 hours is still part time and you don't have to give benefits for part timers. I had to work Saturdays and Sundays because I was a teller and the drive-up was open 7 days a week. Weekdays was open until 9pm. When I worked in a hospital, it was also part time and had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because I was the newbie and as a newbie I wouldn't get the holiday off. Christmas Eve wasn't an official holiday so I got stuck working both days. I was still on my parents' insurance at the time but I was told that their medical was horrendous which I found ironic and pathetic.

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