Petco Selling Iridescent Sharks And Red Tailed Characins


So my local petco is now selling iridescent sharks and what I’m pretty sure are red tailed chalceus but are called pink tailed sharks but I’m pretty sure that sharks don’t have really noticeable scales, large eyes, big mouths, and notably large fins. Has this been popping up anywhere else? I’m somewhat afraid that somebody’ll pick them up and one day wake up to see a 10 inch little pike chowing down on their other fish. I appreciate what petco does but now I think that they’ve gone a little too far...


Sigh... I don’t go to chains very often so haven’t seen this, but am not surprised. My LFS does like sell irids unfortunately though.

It’s a shame that places sell these beautiful creatures to people who will likely not care for them just because of greed. But, at the same time, they aren’t necessarily responsible for them in a sense. Anyone should thoroughly research what they are purchasing prior to buying and caring for it.

If people did this then there would be no reason to be upset at places for selling inappropriate fish, because anyone who bought them would know what they are doing. To bad people don’t do that.

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