Petco Selling Hybrids?

Discussion in 'Convict Cichlid' started by zcpetty, Apr 9, 2017.

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    So my brother has a convict male and he is the kind whose stripes mostly broke up into black spots and hes mostly silver or grey. His fins have some spots in them.. didnt know convicts had fin spotting? I recently got one from the same store and mines 3-4 inches and is more of a blue convict with deep stripes and i noticed this same spotting appearing on mine (mines not photogenic sadly). I saw someone share a hybrid convict post recently and they had this. Its not THAT nuts but its a little bit of that same spotting in the end of the dorsal and tail. Its not ich its legit spots. Is this common in convicts or is it a hybrid petcos pawning off on people?


    Edit: my petco keeps green terrors and cons together. Idk if that is the culprit..
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    Hi there,
    That's a beautiful fish but that's definetly not a convict. Convicts are a blacker coloration with grey stripes on them.

    In my eyes that's some sort of an American Cichlid, not too sure what species though. @chromedome52 can help you out.
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    It could also just be a rarer breed of the fish...
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    I don't think that's a EBJD. Electric Blues are supposed to have an entire body full of blue jewels.

    I don't think so.
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    Uh oh. That's no convict, Look at the head profile. That's a predator.

    Could it be a very young Texas Cichlid female? I never keep big aggressive Cichlids, but the head shape seems wrong for a dempsey.
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    Sorry for the confusion. Thats not MY fish. But on a diff forum for cichlidsa guy purposely hybridizes and he made that thing. Im saying my brother and i each have seamingly normal convicts BUT their dorsals have similar white spots in them. I cant get mine to sit still to take a pic so ill have to try my bros later. Im curious if anyone has had spots form in their male convicts dorsal
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    That was a weird choice of photos.
    Convicts are a complex of related species, and there is a lot of variation.

    But hybrids and Petco go together, with nothing hidden about it.
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    It actually has a similar body shape to a Festae IMO. Hopefully someone can ID. Its a pretty fish that's for sure.

    Texas cichlid was my second guess, though the head shape looks like neither Festae or a Texas.
  10. NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    Yeah, the fish is "wrong", but the OP says it's a random hybrid off the web, not the fish asked about...
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    Literally my brothers is the definition of convict cichlid BUT has white spots in its dorsal fin. Mines a blueish convict with the same spots.

    Hard to see but here is mine.
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    A Blueish Convict is not that unusual. The introduction of the Honduran Red Point, which has a very blue body color, has resulted in both intentional and accidental hybridization with "regular" Convicts. I do not even call an aquarium Convict by the species name nigrofasciata unless I have collection data on the line they came from. Also, a couple of populations of Amatitlania siquia have been getting distributed recently, and IMO, our aquarium lines at least partially originated from this species as much as nigrofasciata.

    To complicate this, female convicts have long been willing to breed with pretty much anything. There are proven hybrids known with Red Devils, Firemouths, Dempseys, Severums, and even claims that one female bred with an African cave spawner, Pelmatotilapia mariae! (Reportedly the fry were too weak to survive long.)

    So, essentially, our aquarium Convicts are generally hybrids to start with, but they've been commercially bred for so long that some variation is to be expected, as are random mutations. They certainly don't match wild caught A. nigrofasciata.
  13. zcpettyWell Known MemberMember

    Have you ever seen white almost metallic spots on the dorsal and tail?
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    Asked petco. Its some form of convict texas cichlid. Most of them look like normal convicts and mine does too minus the greenish sheen in the right light and the spots. Will this affect size and temper?

    Edit: he has one prominant spot on his side near the back not inline with the "convict spots" mine looks just like born from a firemouth and a convict.
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