Petco fish ID and disease ID

  1. s

    s hawk Well Known Member Member

    I just got back from petco buying plants. I did not buy from this tank. I bought from the one below it. However I saw this molly or platy. I didn't look for male or female. There was fry in the tank that looked like it. Scales were not raised at all. 1466543033589.jpg . What's wrong with it.

    Saw this in the tank also. 1466543090083.jpg . Whatever it was it was bigger. What could it be. Thanks
  2. Platylover

    Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    From the photo it looks like a platy. It's either extremely pregnant or extremely bloated, I'd say it's the latter. It may or may not be dropsy, I'd begin by fasting for three days then give a deshelled pea. Could you answer some questions? How long has it been like this(that you know), what tank is it in now, what parameters, how long has this tank been set up, is it cycled, what other fish do you have, can you get a better photo, also knowing whether it's make or female could help greatly. If it's a male than it should not be like this at all. The other fish looks like a silver dollar.
  3. OP

    s hawk Well Known Member Member

    Thanks thought it could be a silver dollar but thought those attacked plants. There was no gravid spot on the platy. That's what I was thinking also on the platy. It's actually from my local Petco. Although they also have a gourami in there.