Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale Back On!

  1. JeffK

    JeffK Well Known Member Member

    Not sure if it was posted yet anywhere, but I just got an email that the Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale is back on! Looks like they're cutting back a little bit as the dollar per gallon only covers 10g, 20g, 20gLong and 29g. 40g is $50 and 55g is $65. Doesn't look like they're discounting anything larger than that.
  2. TwoHedWlf

    TwoHedWlf Well Known Member Member

    Do they do this every fortnight or something? Seriously, people are constantly posting that it's on, it seems like it's barely worth mentioning because it's so frequent.
  3. OP

    JeffK Well Known Member Member

    The last one was about 2 months ago (it is a frequent event)...
  4. tunafax

    tunafax Well Known Member Member

    I have no space left on the floor to put my personal things. I don't need another tank. I don't need another tank. I don't need another tank.

    But every $1 per gallon sale, like clockwork, very suddenly I need 1 of everything. :bored:
  5. OP

    JeffK Well Known Member Member

    The 40 gal and 55 gal used to be a steal at a dollar per gallon, but they're still a pretty good price at 50% off...
  6. S

    Stillwell Angel New Member Member

    I couldn't find one I wanted at Petco so I went to Petsmart and asked if they would match their deal. After making a quick call to verify the sale they said "yes". To make a long story short, to keep me from leaving the store with nothing they sold me a 36 gal bow front KIT for 1/2 off their sale price, so $70.00. Negotiate people! Yes, even at the big box stores.
  7. JLeeM

    JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    I will have to remember that. Wonder if PetSmart would discount their nice and lovely 75 gallon tank? Lol.
    The one I go to says they do it roughly 4 times a year, and it's even a surprise for them. Either the flyers are sent to them like 2 days before it starts or the last truck before has like 5,000 tanks in it giving them a good clue.
  8. m

    minervalong Well Known Member Member

    Sure with the 5s were in that sale, I'd have one on every surface of the house lol.
  9. Kitma

    Kitma Valued Member Member

    It's so exciting! My store price matches and I just got a coupon for 10$ off of 20$ (can you believe it? And it's an email so I can use it over and over) I got a 20 high for ten bucks! Little baby Ranchu got an upgrade (it's just till they're a little bigger to go in the big goldfish tank)

    The plants are bogoho, huy one get one half off. The store near me has really nice plants.

    I work at a pet supplies,and they rarely tell us when sales are going to pop up. Only if it's something they need us to do/prep and even then it's just a few days early.
    They don't tell us when coupons go out either, so I get to waste time returning and rebuying with coupons. It's alright, I was on the clock.