Petco blue led bubbling airstone

  1. D

    Dp8006 New Member Member

    I recently purchased a petco brand 12" bubbling led airstone for my kids Glofish tank. I'm not sure if it's stopped up or what but I can't get any bubbles at all from it so far. I ran to my local Walmart and picked up a pump that's says it's rated for 20-60 gallon tank with still the same results. Can I do something to resolve my issue or just get my money back and try something else?
  2. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Have you checked the entire length of the airline for kinks or holes? One of my sponge filters stopped working and I couldn't figure it out until I inspected the airline and discovered that one of my chinchillas had taken a test nibble:rolleyes:

    Another possibility is that there's some "flash" from the plastic molding process blocking air from reaching the inside of the airstone.
  3. K

    Kwig Well Known Member Member

    Return it. Not one of our finest products. It gets returned all the time.
  4. aliray

    aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    Does it have a check valve that is turned in the wrong direction? Alison:;hi1
  5. OP

    Dp8006 New Member Member

    I finally got a needle and poked holes in it and now it works fine.... For now anyway lol. Thank you for all the advice
  6. N

    NormalFishkeeper New Member Member

    the petco air stuff is horrible. return it.