Petco (Bad advice,but I stepped in)

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by freak78, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. freak78

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    So I stopped by petco today to get some more fish food and there was a lady there wanting to buy a 29 gallon Aquarium kit for her son for Christmas. Being the curious person I am I stayed close looking busy and listened to what the sales person had to say. Wow he had no clue! So after showing the lady all the stuff to get and even wanting to sell her fish then too, I had to say something. So while she was pondering on what fish to get I made my move. Explained to her about the nitrogen cycle, fish that will get along with each other and whatever I could tell her to help her out. So by the end of our conversation she wanted to pay me to help set up her tank the right way. I thanked her and told her I was wat too busy with work and my family. But I definetly pointed her in the right direction. So she ended up just buying the Aquarium kit and that's all. I told her about the fishlore site and she could get all the info she needed from the site. The real kicker is I had a store manager come up to me and ask if I needed help. So I proceded to tell her if she's gonna have people working in the fish department at least let them know they need to know something about fish and the fish keeping hobby. So then what happen's............................................. She ask's me if I was looking for a job! So I graciously told her no and to have a Merry Christmas. And all I wanted was some fish food which I left without even buying it cause I forgot. What a day..
  2. fishaddiction

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    My hero, I hate it when lfs workers don't have a clue about fish and then expecting you to have the same amount of knowledge as them. Try and sell you something or give you and awful tip it wastes my time. Good job stepping in.
  3. Ziggi

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    Nice! Wish I could get a job offer out of all the advice I throw around in stores :( Could use some extra $$$ for my addiction, er I mean hobby! *sigh* oh well.
  4. Mer-max

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    Yeh. Petco/smart are still kinna out there. Some lady had a 2.5 gal tank with a angel fish ( not that I know anything about the requirements of an angelfish) and told the petco lady she wanted more fish and to " just tell her what she needed". I found it funny cause I can't imagine keeping a fish in two and a half gallons. My 55 became too small for me once I got educated about fish keeping. The next house I buy will be on a concrete slab and no joke ill have at least a 500 or bigger. Bass pro shops will probably get jealous. . .
  5. aquatic

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    I love that after all was said and done you forgot what you went there for to begin with!
  6. chevyguy8893

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    Nice, thanks for sharing. Some of the employees at petco and petsmart just don't know what they are doing. I haven't found any at petco that know much, and petsmart only has a couple that know what they are doing (because they have their own tanks). Otherwise I just see kids dictating what their parents should buy because the fish has shark in its name, colorful, or neat looking. That just creates a bad situation. Anyway, I'd say that was a good deed for the day :happy0034:.
  7. Mer-max

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    There's a real nerdy guy at petco near me. Reminds me of that comedian. . . , can't place a name. Anyway, he was knowledgeable and passion driven. Honestly it's most likely a minimum wage job - you can't really expect them to give a .... The guy at pet smart directly told me they didn't have anything to test for plant nutrients and told me where I could find them but I live two hours away and got lost and gave up. Still don't know what's up with my swords. You'd think t5ho flourish and flourish nitrogen would be enough
  8. Cichlidnut

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    I gave up on helping people in stores. 90% of the time they don't even listen.
  9. JoannaB

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    Ah but that means that 10% of the time they will listen. Also some of the others may be like teenagers: they pretend that they are not listening to you, and will not admit that you were right, but some of them may grow up to be better human beings because they actually did hear what you said and when you are not around and they don't have to admit you were right, they might do what's right behind your back after all.
  10. Cichlidnut

    CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    Heh, I had the unfortunate opportunity to work at petco. People never listened and were mad when they came back, demanding more fish, after they killed their first batch.

    You'd also be surprised how many people would buy clown loaches to eat snails and then flush them. Perhaps I'm a bitter old man now from my experiences :)
  11. OP

    freak78Well Known MemberMember

    I'm glad that the lady listened to what I was saying. I hope she gets it set up right. I referred her to some of the family owned shops in the area where she could get good advice. I don't consider myself a expert in any means, only been in the hobby for 3 years but if I can help someone I will.
  12. JoannaB

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    Family owned store does not guarantee any more experienced employees though, some mom and pop shops are clueless, and some employees at particular branches of chain stores know about fish. Let's not generalize to say that family owned fish store necessarily is better, and let's not vilify all chain store employees.
  13. OP

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    The 2 in our area are very knowledgeable. All the rest are chain stores like petsmart, PETCO and Pet supplies plus.