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  1. Olivia67

    Olivia67 Valued Member Member

    Does it bother anyone else that Petco/Petsmart will advertise a fish as needing 20+ gallons, yet stick them in a tiny 5 gallon for basically their whole lives? And how they don't have the heart to take the dead fish out, and just let them get eaten by others? [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. clk89

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    It depends on the petco/petsmart. Unfortunately the stores simply don't have the space to put all the fish they get into proper tank sizes. Fortunately many of the fish do go home to someone else and don't spend the rest of their lives there.

    Honestly, I have never seen my local petsmart say a fish has to be in a twenty gallon, except a common pleco. Most fish they say can go into a ten gallon including cory cats, neon tetras, Oscars, angelfish, and jack damsey (spelling?).

    With local petco they at least try to give good advice, but some of the employees are misinformed. There are a couple employees who actually know about the nitrogen cycle, doing water changes, and are quick to even add that bettas do great in a five or ten gallon tank.

    That being said both my local petsmart and petco are good with getting dead fish out in a timely manner. Walmart, however, doesn't unless I say something. I've seen employees stand there at walmart feeding the fish, and not noticing the dead fish in the tank they are feeding. I've seen an entire tank full of dead goldfish there too, about eight or so of them.
  3. W

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    The problem with pet shops is that their main aim is to make profit (logical). This means that they simply can't afford to have tanks large enough for all the various species of fish. They never intend for the fish to spend a long time in there as it's assumed that because of turnover, each fish will only spend a couple of weeks tops in there. I don't live in the US but my local garden centres (yes, that's where they sell fish here) don't have the same fish two weeks running and it's not because they flushed them.

    Generally, they're also okay for advice (goldfish and bettas aside) and I find the staff are reasonably well trained and well informed. It's not really in their interest to have customers' fishes dying all the time. The one exception is after the holidays. Then you'll routinely find dead fish/messy tanks, I guess they don't bother tending to them.

    The worst shop I ever saw was an actual specialist fish supplier. Just stepped in the door and you were knocked off your feet by the smell! They had dead fish everywhere, everything was 3x as expensive as elsewhere, the tanks hadn't been cleaned in weeks, completely incompatible community tanks... The worst was a tank which had about three dead and decomposing axolotls in it....

    Proof that it's not just the big chains which have issues.