Pet Sparrow

  1. OldFort Exotics Member Member

    Every spring a pair of sparrows build their nest above our patio and almost every year they push out at least one baby. Last year they pushed 2 of their babies out the same day. My wife decided to see if we could nurse them back to health. We knew if we did nothing they would die so anything we did couldn't do worse. I say we but my wife did most of the work she just told me what to build or make.

    We keep them in a plastic container inside a cardboard box with shredded news paper as a base and a under tank (leopard gecko extra) to keep it all warm. My wife made food from eggs, cat food and other stuff I can't recall and feed them every 3 hours. After a few days they opened their eyes and started to make a lot of noise. Judging by the colors and markings we had a male and female.

    The male looked to have "Rye neck" that is basically a lack vitamin D so we gave him some extra vitamin D and he did great for about 3 months then had a seizure and passed away. Which was a symptom of rye neck.

    The female has done great never had any noticeable issues and after a year is doing well. We keep her in a large cage at night but every day we let her out to fly around the living room for 4-5 hours. We talked about letting her go but we don't think she would adjust to the outside, when we are eating she has to have a bit so lands on out shoulder and if we don't share will land on the food and take her own. She doesn't have the fear of humans or animals she would need to last out side.

    The whole family really likes the bird and I think my wife loves her more then any of the other pets. I asked her if the sparrows push any more out if she would do it again and with out hesitation said yes and she kinda hopes they do.

    From what we have learned almost all the wild birds will die and won't make it so not sure if my wife has the special touch, we got super lucky or what we read was wrong but it has been a year so guessing she is here to stay. It is pretty cool to go to a store and be looking at bird stuff and they ask what type of bird we have. Here are two pics of her a month or so ago.

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  2. AvalancheDave Well Known Member Member

    Mycoplasma is a big killer of baby wild birds, especially sparrows. Keep some doxycycline on hand.

  3. Liz♡Gold Initiate Member

    She's beautiful :) raising baby birds is such a wonderful thing! I also have a house sparrow that I raised. His name is Archimedes. I'm sure your girl will live for a long time! Archimedes just turned six in May!

    Here's a pictute of my boy ;)

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  4. OldFort Exotics Member Member

    Archimedes looks great and 6 years is great. We have read they could live 10+ years but no one really knew for sure.

    Sad news about ours she has passed, our kitchen has a swinging door and she tried to dart thru. My wife and I have talked and if we get the chance we will try to raise another one for sure.

    After we lost her a family friend asked us if we would rescue a Cockatoo. So we did she is 20+ years old and her last owner just didn't have time to work with her so we took her and keep her in the living room. She is neat but not a real "replacement" for sure.

  5. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    Sorry to hear about your bird.

    Ive rescued quite a few young birds and other wildlife since i was a kid that have been injured but never a hatchling. The 1st was a sugar glider i brought he when i was about 10and ive never looked back. Its really great to see them take off on their own but you do miss them
  6. Liz♡Gold Initiate Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know how much our little feathered friends mean to us. There is such a strong bond made after raising a bird. They practically become one of your children.

    I know the Cockatoo will never be a true replacement, but maybe one day another little bird will come along.:emoji_heart: