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I just had to share....(not that its funny but I didnt know where to put it)...So here I am at Pet Smart the other day.....wandering as usual...I really went up there looking for a certain color gravel( pics to come soon)....just really kinda relaxing and just looking....I go into the decor isle...and there was this young man there...he was like ohhhh I'm sorry (moving his cart and all trying to let me through)...very polite....well of course we had to start was soooooooooooooooo serious looking at fake plants) I say whatcha lookin for ???? He really didnt know......he was just setting up a ten gallon.....

OK guys...that's all it took......we got to talking and he about died when I told him I had like 10 tanks...(his cart was already loaded down with all kinds of chemical junk)...well then the questions came....he ABSORBED EVERY WORD I sad...he was soooooooooooooooo interested in doing the right thing,well I just kept goin on and on...he asked a million questions...he had no idea...Pet Smart person had given him a ton of stuff to buy...of course told him to get fish(the tank was set up and running for 3 days already)....and all would be fine(they NEVER even asked if he had dechlorinated the water)(which he hadnt)....

The poor guy .....I flat out told him (I could tell I could speak frankly) if u do what they tell ...U might as well just give your $ or just go home and flush it in the the poor fish....THEY ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT!!!!!Well then we got even more serious...I told him aobut the cycle,test kits,cleaning maintanance,etc...My biggest impact was when I told him look this is how EVERYONE starts out,and then quits...your very young and if u do it right the first time you will have many,many years of enjoyment out of your first tank...then you'll want even more and bigger...youll get total enjoyment instead of just frustration and then just quitting all together....

I was a little concerened that he might think I was a weirdo or something,I told him look I'm old enough to be your mom...and I have a 20 year old daughter I wish that someone would have told her correctly the first time she got us all started in this ( 9 tanks ago)

I helped him find TSS(surprised the now stock it),Prime,vacume,test kit, and a few other necessities...HE GOT IT ALL!!!!! I was sooooooooooooooo happy, found out he kinda lives near us, I gave him my number and told him to come sometime and see our tanks....well he even called me about acclimating fish ,he got 2 the first day and has sent me pics of his set-up...and ALL is well so far ......I of course told him about FishLore(his internet is down at the moment)...but I'm sure if he has any other questions he'll ask for help....

I just wanted to share ....I was so happy to actually have be able to help someone and even better to have them LISTEN!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!
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It's neat that you share your knowledge with people online, but even better when you can share it face to face and watch it click! That's awesome!!
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That's fantastic! This really made me smile

Kudos to you for being so helpful and kind, and kudos to him for recognising that listening to you is a much better option than listening to the pet store employees! I have a friend like this who I have been helping recently, she is like a sponge, absorbing everything I say and asking for more Which I am more than happy to give, might I add.
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Yay Lori!! Well done, you did a great thing. If I even tried this over here, I would get a funny look, snide comments and "I'm doing it my way anyway"

I hope he finds us soon and joins us here.
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That's awesome Lori!

Kudos to you for taking time to help someone and kudos to him for taking the time to listen!
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That's great that you told that guy everything he should know and showed him the things that you should and shouldn't buy! I salute you. I really don't have any idea how I would explain the nitrogen cycle to a random person... "So, the fish goes to the bathroom, which makes ammonia, and then good bacteria has to build up, that turns it into nitrate, and then more bacteria builds up, turning the nitrite into nitrate, and then you have to do water changes regularly to keep the nitrate down. Okay? Okay." :;rab
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Well done!
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Good story!
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Awesome! I wish I had run into you when I started looking at the aisles of stuff.
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Great job Lori!

Always a joy to read your posts.

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Thanks EVERYONE!!!!!! IT means a lot and u just encourage me even called far so good!!!!!!(thanks Ken!!!!!)
Kathy Potts
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Aquarium keeping IS rewarding in SOOOOOOO many ways!!! Just think what lorabell's post has done!! She has made us all smile!! She has shown that there are still good people in this world!! She has educated some more people!! She has gained more self-esteem and feels good about being a help to someone!! She has spread the enjoyment of fish keeping to yet another person. .............. Just to name a few!!!

Thanks lorabell for all of us!!!!
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWE!!!!! Kathyx a BIG thank u!!!!!!!!
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That is what I call a GREAT INTERVENTION. Yeepie She got him Hooked. Hahaha Good on ya Lorabell. Wooohooooo.
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Isn't it great when totally unplanned "perfect timing" brings people together who can give & receive help? Good for you, and for the timing that brought you together! I'll say 'Amen' to mirday: wish I'd met someone even BEFORE I got to the fish store, who would have clued me in.
As to Tigerfishy's idea that people would scorn advice...I really wonder? Someone in honest need may be so glad to have a little kindly offered help, like this young man was, no matter where in the world you are.
When I think back to times I felt to say something, offer a comment or helpful advice, but didn't for fear of being snapped at, I've usually regretted my silence ever after. You always wonder if you could have made a difference. A "snap" then & there might be less painful in the long run.

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