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I'm setting up a new home (20g high) for some fish I've had for a few months (a few gold dojo loaches and fancy goldfish, who currently live in a 10 g). I wanted to set up the new tank correctly, so I started a fish less cycle by seeding some substrate and my old filter pad from the old tank (tied up inside some cut up leggings) and dosing with Fritz ammonia.

So far, it's day 10 and everything has been okay; the ammonia has dropped from 4 ppm to 0.25 ppm, nitrite is up to 2 ppm, and nitrate is up to 5 ppm.

I currently have an internal filter running, some plants, a CO2 diffuser, and some river rocks.

The issue that came up is yesterday I noticed about 3 (bladder?) snails (now 6 as of the morning) which probably hitched along with the plants I ordered. This morning, I noticed a bunch of tiny white worms (that almost look like dust and I'm thinking are maybe planaria) all over the glass. Do I need to worry about either of these for now? I'm not sure if a water change is a good idea in the middle of cycling, and I doubt a change will somehow get rid of all these things going on.

Can I leave them all alone until the cycle is over then see if the fish eat them? or do I need to take care of them before adding livestock? Thanks.


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I think you should wait for the cycling to finish before changing the water
; and you are probably only a few days away from that.

If you start culling snails as you see them you might be able to wipe them out.

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