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    bryce1217 Valued Member Member

    I was looking to maybe setup a 30 gallon tank if my brackish hopes dont survive. It would have lots of rock and a ton of driftwood. i want this tank to have lots of personality. i for sure am going to have 1 african leaf fish, and my 2 black ruby barbs. i want a few of something colorful and peaceful to put in there. it doesnt matter if it schools or not. Just make sure it fits in the tank space provided. Thank You Peoples in advance!!!!!
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    Adoinc New Member Member

    I don't have first hand experience but Cockatoo Cichlids I have heard are very personable for a dwarf Cichlid. They also have lots of color and are relatively peaceful. Good luck with your new tank!

    ~ Tristan
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    bryce1217 Valued Member Member

    Ive actually never heard of those. i will look into them though! Thank You!

    i really wish i could find someone who sold appistograma