Persimmon parrot fish

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    I saw these at the fish store yesterday. They looked exactly like the purple parrots that they had in a different tank. (the store called them purple parrots, but they look just like the blood red parrots) So I asked the guy what the difference was between his "purple parrots" and his "persimmon parrots". He said the persimmon parrot fish are like dwarf parrots. That they only get to be about half the size of a normal parrot fish. He also said they are a relatively new species of parrot. He admitted he has never seen one full grown and has never had a customer confirm for him whether or not the fish in fact stayed smaller than the normal ones, even though he has been selling them for 2 years. The ones he has in the store (both the regular parrots and the persimmon parrots) are currently about 2 inches. So they are CURRENTLY the same size.

    I am looking for anyone with experience with the persimmon parrot fish. Do they in fact stay smaller? Do they have the same personality? Would a pair of them work in a 30 gallon (since they are supposed to max out around 4 inches) Fill me in on anything I need to know about these supposed dwarf parrots!! Thanks!
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    Actually the purple Parrots are dyed. Haven't seen the persimmon Parrots so I can't say.
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    Well....I decided to get a pair. They are absolutely beautiful! I hope they do in fact stay smaller like they are supposed to. If not, I will have to upgrade again! LOL MTS ALL THE WAY!