Perpetual Kitten

  1. PythonTheBetta Member Member

    This is my (almost) 15 years young Siamese mutt, Natasha Blue
    We call her Tashi and she's recently discovered the miracle that is the heating pad. It's 80-90 degrees (F) outside and yet she demands we turn the heating pad on!
    She loves her princess canopy bed and when she's not playing she's curled up in there. I can't find a picture of her with her favorite mouse but when I do I'll post it! If anyone is interested in her adoption(or rather rescue) story, let me know! I just don't want this entry to get too long!
  2. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    I would love to see them . Pretty, and spoiled, good combo. My cat has the king size bed in the guest room. She gets booted out when company comes which is very seldom Alison.
  3. live4wetsleeves Member Member

    I've got a Siamese mutt too, at least I believe him to be, he has the coloration. His mom was a tabby mutt so who knows what all genes he has. [​IMG]
  4. PythonTheBetta Member Member

    watching Python [​IMG][​IMG] It took her forever to realize that there was something in the glass box Now she thinks she's best friends with the fish and takes naps by the tank![​IMG]
  5. NDfishlover Initiate Member

    Our Sadie loves her heated bed by the fish tank[​IMG]
  6. PythonTheBetta Member Member

    Tashi would never leave if we put a heated bed by the tank!! Where did you buy it?
  7. NDfishlover Initiate Member