Perfect Mix of Fertalizers

  1. No Fishing

    No Fishing Valued Member Member

    What does everyone use for their planted tanks?

    Flourish? Flourish Excel? API leaf zone? C02 booster? Root tabs?
    A combination of all?

    Please post your dosing schedules thanks!
  2. Jim

    Jim Well Known Member Member

  3. aniroc

    aniroc Well Known Member Member

    I dose a modified version of PPS-pro. A bit less nitrates in my macro bottle and a lot less CSM+B in my micro.
    Before I started the dry ferts, I used all of the products "No fishing" mentioned and more...
    Flourish comprehensive. A good choice for small tanks with high bioload. Not enough macros (especially N and P). A lot of people use Flourish comp as a micro fertilizer.
    Excel and CO2 booster (same thing, do not combine): an expensive source of carbon and not as good as real CO2. Try Metricide instead (a concentrated form)
    API leaf zone? Just potassium and iron.
    Root tabs? Similar to Flourish comp: low in macros. Try Osmocote plus in gel capsules.
    No fertilizer method is perfect, no two tanks are the same. It depends. For what light, for what plants, for what water, CO2, bioload, substrate....