Peppermint BN Pleco Compatibility

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    After some advice on a possible new addition to a tank. I am soon to be upgrading to a 4'x16"20" tank from an established 2'x12"x14" which among a couple of livebearers has a breeding pair of common BN plecs in it about 9-10 cm long (have spawned in existing tank). I am thinking of adding a peppermint BN (likely female as to not have aggression between males)to the new setup once established. The tank will be fairly heavily planted with large pieces of driftwood which are soaking at the moment.
    My questions are as follows:
    Will there likely be any problems of these fish not getting along together?
    And if I add a female peppermint BN is there a chance it will breed with the common BN male or is this not possible?

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    Welcome to Fishlore, hope you get some responses today :)
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    You could look them up on Planet catfish to see if they are the same species. If they aren't then I don't believe they could . I have no experience With either one of them . hampalong maybe could tell you if they would have aggression issues being in the same tank. Welcome to the forum and so glad you decided to join us. Alison:;hi1