Peppered Cory Temperatures?

  1. filtered_light

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    Hi, so for my next dumb question I want to ask what is the preferred temperature for peppered corys? I've read 20-23C, which I think is 68-74F... does that seem right for peppereds?

    #2 - I lowered my heater based on this (they had been living at 76F before I knew they like it colder.) Unfortunately, it is summer here and due to ambient temperature the tank is up to 79.4F. :( Is this dangerous for them? It usually hasn't been that high, so I don't have any cooling mechanism. Advice?
  2. Brian Rodgers

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  3. aquatickeeper

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    74 is too high, 72 is the highest I'd keep them at.

  4. OP

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    Oh, here is a picture, since I hear people like pictures. (I'm not very good at fish pics yet, and these guys are always moving.)

    I'm not sure how to sex them, but I went ahead and named them anyhow. Hippolyta, Jade, and Cisco. :)

    Duh! Good idea, I should have thought of that.
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    74 is fine for peppered corys , anything higher I would not recommend, my peppered corys are breeding and laying eggs every week or so. how many do you currently have and what size tank?

    to breed them , feed them 2-3 times a week bloodworms and when you do your water change lower the temp by 4-5 degrees. This will help promote breeding, you'll have to remove the parents 1-2 days after they lay the eggs and are fertilized , or you can remove the eggs but it's a tricky process.

    I currently have 40+ fry and they just keep breeding.
  6. OP

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    I have 3 in a 5 gallon, which I know is not enough corys and way too small a tank (dumb mistake from listening to bad advice and new to corys... please don't hate me) but I am in the process of setting up a 28 gallon for them and will get them 3-6 more conspecific friends once the big tank is cycled.

    Do you know how to tell the sexes apart? I've read that the females tend to be a little wider but I'm not confident I can see the differences yet.

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    18 Celsius is the average temperature they would experience in the wild. The highest temperatures they would experience in the wild would be about 24 Celsius and that would be already the top of their scale and they wouldnt live at that temperature year round. The coldest they would experience in the wild would probably be around 10 Celsius. I would form my opinion based on that info.
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    We all make uninformed mistakes in the beginning, but now you know. Your cories are the cutest!
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    You can freeze water bottles and float them in the tank on really hot afternoons. Replace as they melt, easier than water changes, won't change your water parameters other than temp. Also, make sure the lights are off, I run my lights at nite until it cools down some here. Leave lights off until it is cooling down. Get a small fan and let it blow across the water, this will probably require water top offs because this cools by evaporation.

    Most fish do experience seasonal temps, so bringing it down a tad with ice bottles is good, but you don't have to hit their lowest temp.
  10. OP

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    Good ideas! Thanks!

    Thanks! I'm trying to learn as much as I can. :)
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    I think you're right about the temp.
    Only funny thing is that about Panda is said (even at Planet Catfish) that the tankbreeding makes them more adaptable to higher temps, which I think is a strange idea/conclusion. Peppers are even longer in the hobby (in one of my books from 1925) and longer tankbred and I never read that about those.
  12. OP

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    That's a really interesting thought. I don't know why it might be different for pandas vs peppereds, but would be a cool aspect to learn more about.
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    I did a 30% water change which brought it down ~2 degrees, then floated some sealed ice cubes in the water return area to try to keep it lowering gradually (hopefully beng on the return sign will help prevent freezing the bacteria.) I had to leave very early today so forgot to check the temp early this am, but ambient temp is much cooler today so I think should be headed in the right direction. Thanks so much for all the information!!! I will definitely be getting a fan for the tank area ASAP. Fortunately my solo betta is perfectly happy if his tank is 80F. :)