Pennywort Fun: Betta And Mystery Snails


I've tried several different live plants for my betta, and by far the best one so far has been floated Brazilian pennywort! It doesn't grow out of control like duckweed, or frog-bit, but it's still beautiful and shades him from the bright aquarium light. He loves to rest in it and my mystery snails love to play in it and literally use it as a jungle gym. Curious to see if anybody else has this as their favorite plant for their betta? Or any others they love? I also have the marimo Moss balls, java fern, Crypts, and duckweed, but my betta just does not interact with those plants the way he does with the pennywort.


Been thinking of getting some myself, seems like a neat, easy little plant! Absolutely loathe the duckweed that has managed to get into both my aquariums but when I hopefully one day remove it all I want to replace it with a much slower growing floating plant like pennywort lol.

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