Pennies to ward off Ick

  1. Jan Member Member

    Has anyone heard if this works?  I was told to do this by a friend who used to work in a pet store......  He said to put a handful of pennies in the tank and it will never get ick but what will happen to the fish?
  2. newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    It would probably work (copper) but you'd have to really disinfect them well...just think how many places money has been :-X :-X :-X yuck
  3. fish_r_friend Well Known Member Member

    i also was told the same thing ?I'm not sure if ti works but if does I'L try it my tanks had ich 2 times now and its killed 5 of my fish
  4. vin Well Known Member Member

    They would probably have to be older pennies as newer ones have a high aluminum content. But I'm not sure how many people want to throw 'wheat back' pennies into their aquariums! ;)
  5. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    You really don't want to put any kind of metal in your tanks except aquarium safe aluminum or stainless steel.
    Some medications have copper in them but it is not safe for all fishes and only stays in there for a short period of time.
  6. Jan Member Member

    I was thinking the same thing Butterfly. In stores and so forth with ponds they stress not to throw money in and there obviously is some merit to that..... but I was not sure