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Penguin Bio Wheel 200 Splashing Noise

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Paul999, May 27, 2019.

  1. Paul999 New Member Member

    I bought a new filter for my 46 gallon bow front and the bio wheel spins so fast and is very loud. In the directions it says it may be loud for 48... Its been 2 weeks. Anyone else have this issue? The splashing is driving me nuts.

  2. Cichlidude Well Known Member Member

    Is that the only filter you have on the tank?
  3. Paul999 New Member Member

  4. Cichlidude Well Known Member Member

    OK, there are videos on how to quiet a bio wheel filters on Youtube that will help.


    I was asking about the filter because it looks like you are under filtered for that 46 gallon tank. You would like to have about a 8x turnover or about 360-460 gph and that filter is only about 200 gph. Will be less when you add all your media and stuff. Just a thought...
  5. Paul999 New Member Member

    This was the size of the filter that came with it. I just replaced it with the same one.
  6. NavyChief20 Well Known Member Member

    Are you using the cartridges for it or have you corrected that deficiency and used better media? That filter will be more than sufficient as far as gph provided you ditch the cartridge and put real media in there. Also it will be cheaper.