Penguin 350 For A 29 Tall??

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Jamel2333, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Jamel2333

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    Would a BIO-Wheel 350 be to big or powerful for a 29 tall tank with smaller fish in it like tetras and clown fish and angel fish? We are just sitting up our first tank and we have a BIO wheel 150 but we want crystal clear water so maybe a bigger filter will help?? Thanks
  2. anunez91

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    yeah, that would be total overkill for the type of fish your keeping, i have a 150B on my 29 and it was more than adequite till i overstocked the heck out of it, you should be totally fine with just the 150, it will keep your tank crystal clear so long as you cycle it first, id save the 350 for a bigger tank *hint hint* haha

    and what do you mean by clownfish? the clown loach maybe?
  3. bassbonediva

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    I have a Penguin 170 (they don't make it anymore, but it's halfway between the 150 and the 200 as far as GPH) and I put it on my 29gal tank. It was more than adequate for the job (being stocked with platies, guppies, otos and an upside down catfish).

    My biggest concern is that the angelfish are going to outgrow your tank. Not immediately, but soon. They get to be 6" long and at least 9" tall. They really need a 40+ gallon tank to be healthy and happy. My friend temporarily transferred his two full-grown angelfish to his 29gal until he gets his 180gal up and cycled and they pretty much take up the whole tank. Here's a pic of them taken just yesterday (the tank is cloudy because he just re-'scaped it a few minutes prior to that pic being taken).