Penguin 350 - Filtering With Peat

Zorro A. Knievel Esq.

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Hey everybody, I'm looking for advice on filtering with peat using two Penguin 350s on my newly set up 75 gallon. The tank is in the process of fishless cycling (I'm using two established carbon pads from my mom's tank and two brand new carbon pads - the carbon is out once the tank is cycled). l want to filter with peat because I plan on doing a South American Blackwater theme/biotope. I just bought four refillable cartridges and was wondering what the best peat to use is I.e. Fluval, Eheim, or other forms, etc. Also, what should I use for mechanical filtration once I start using the refillable cartridges (they don't have any floss on them)? Something like a foam strainer on the intake tube or foam in the box? Thanks.
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