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I was hoping for some more info.. so I hope it's OK to post this here... I think I have a pregnant fish... please see the post below for the details...

What kind of signs should I be looking for.
When should I get something & to put her in.... & what is the best thing to get... I see there are lots of kinds of boxes & nets etc. to hang in the tank.

When she drops them, should I mover her back to the tank so she doesn't eat them?

ANY help would be great, I was not planning on having baby fishies

it looks pregnant, if u don't want fries u don't have to separate her, because platies will eat their own fries. if u want fries u can bring a breeder box or u can put heavy plantation so the fries can hide. they will give birth to 4-60 fries.

one of my freinds has too many mollies they just keep multipling and the funny thing is she doesn't do any thing, she doesn't separate them from the young or use breeder boxes or anything. I Think she is haveing too much success because the fish have a lot of hiding places. so if you have a lot of hiding places like plants or oranaments don't do nothing and soon you just might have too many fish.
Yep, I would agree. I loooove that my molly tank has so many hiding places, as they really love to explore and are so relaxed. But it's fry-a-rama. 's alright, though. My LFS takes them off me.
I'm a bit nervous myself, my guppies keep squirting out more and more fry and I can't keep them! My nearest lfs doesn't sell guppies, and they're the only lfs I could ask to take them off me (I can cycle there quickly, but the other one is a 10min car journey and my mum or dad has to take me, which they're not exactly pleased about if I'm going there 3 times a week ). I hope they'll take them, otherwise I don't know what I'll do, apart from kill the fry, which would be horrible
Well there could be a more morally acceptable way to get rid of your fry (if you can bear to do it, I havne't myself): you could get a tank of carnivores like puffers or a betta or something, and feed them molly fry as live food? That way you have a bit of a self-sustaining system? I know it's horrible, but at least they won't die completely in vain.

I only have one fish store who says they'll take them off us, and they won't even let us exchange it for store credit...

you can get a storage box at walmart for 2.97 and put the fry in them until you decide what to do with them. A lot probably won't make it just due to the normal die-off rate.
Are you sure Dave? I am thinking more will survive in the box in the total absence of predators. Waddaya reckon?
with the hardiness (or lack thereof) in a lot of the livebearer stock found at the LFS/LPSs, it seems like a high mortality rate due to birth defects and illness isn't uncommon.
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Yes, but that would happen in the tank with the parents too. I didn't understand your suggestion to move them, as he is relying on predation to bring his numbers down somewhat. Did you suggest that for the additional waste and discomfort the fry would add to their parents' tank?
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aren't the fry in question the ones that make it past the size that the adults eat them? the boxes are just a temp. alternative to killing the fry that don't get eaten by adults.
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oOOOh that's where you're coming from. I understand more. I don't think his fry is past that size, but I may have been reading too fast. I see why you were suggesting that now.

Oh man! One thing's for sure is that we're riddled with molly fry at the moment! They're like water fleas. We've left them in the adult tank bar 13 which we've put in the oto tank so they can get rid of some planaria we're getting. Not much natural predation there either, I know...
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they're surprising at times in their ability to survive. I saw a livebearer tank at the pet store with no cover in it, overstocked with adults as they usually are (including dead ones) and somehow there was a good sized school of fry swimming about in it that had all made it to the size they weren't being chased or eaten.

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