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I have a black phantom that has been acting strangely for five days. It appears tremendously weak, since when the near the filter it lets itself be sucked towards it and then once very close to the entry point of the water, it gives a burst of velocity allowing it to swim away. It always been sort've a loner in my tank. The current behavior changes I've noticed thus far has included a total lack of equilibrium (rotates 90, from horizontal to vertical in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction and also rotates sideways), wiggles head quickly and often, noticed fins seem to be terrible shape (possible that it is stressed out by other fish and attempting to scare them off?). Cannot confirm a loss of appetite, often eats once everyone else has had there fill.

It would be nice to know what is going on, holler if have a hypothesis.

Jason S.


I may be wrong, but your tank may be overstocked. Can you tell me the adult size of Hatchets, Glass Cats, Farowellas, Black & Red Phantoms, Ghost shrimps, and Chocolate Gouramis? Sorry for these questions, but I need to determine first if the tank is not overstocked. Besides, Angels and Gouramis are not the best tankmates. What kind of fish is Farowella?

Also, what are your nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, and pH readings?



also what temp is your tank? the only fish I have had cling to filters were cold ones.
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well, actually my glass catfish is no longer with us, the marbled hatchet is pretty tiny and dominates the top of tank, and actually my chocolate gouramis hang out with the angel Koi. The chocolate gouramis are the nicest fish in my tank, leaving all the others alone and solely focusing on one another. My ph was 6.8 (usually 7.0), since my tank has been cycled for a year and a half the ammonia is 0, nitrite is 0, and nitrate way below 100 (mg/l?); I ensure it doesn't exceed 30. I was thinking it might be swim bladder disease? I'm heading to a symposium tomorrow, and I have a wet-lab in fish medicine, so I'll quiz the prof. on my problem and get back to you guys.

The Farlowella (a.k.a. bog wood) is a bottom feeder. The temperature of tank varies from 80.4F (morning) to 81.4F and then back to 80.4F, once the light has been shut-off. Such a minute variance shouldn't be a problem.

thanks for the interest, Jason S.

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