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  1. Ffrenchstar

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    Sorry for another thread from me but I feel like I can finally get some good advice! I have had so much bad advice from Lfs staff.

    One of our large tanks is a lovely community tank which has :

    1 pearl gourami
    2 swordtail
    4 platies
    6 rosy barbs
    2 kuhli loaches
    8 hockey sticks
    10 harlequin rasbora
    13 cardinal tetras

    We have only ever had one loss from this tank which was a cardinal on his first night.

    I love love my pearl gourami, he hangs out in the heavily planted areas mostly, only coming out for feeds and a few other brief times. He seems very drawn to the swordtails and platies and sleeps next to the swordtails every night. Is this normal for this fish? He looks so lovely and healthy and gentle.

    Could it be the barbs he is worried about with this long barbells? They are fairly quiet for barbs.

    I want to get another gourami for the tank but I've been told its a bad idea as they will fight. I can't imagine this gentle animal fighting, he even so gently lol.

    Does anyone agree its a bad idea or can suggest another type of gourami to add?


    Sorry! I don't know how to edit! The loaches are Yoyo loaches not kuhli, I just noticed my mistake.
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  2. Abby565

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    Hmm. 8 hockey sticks. Interesting choice.

    How many gallons is your tank?
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  3. OP

    FfrenchstarNew MemberMember

    Why? :)

    No idea sorry but it's 240 litres! I could work it out but it's nearly 1 am .
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  4. Abby565

    Abby565Valued MemberMember

    Sorry! Thats about 63 gallons if I remember correctly.
  5. OP

    FfrenchstarNew MemberMember

    I just looked it up and you're right:) 63.5 gallons :)
  6. Abby565

    Abby565Valued MemberMember

    Oh!! I had to Google it. I was making a joke because I thought it was auto correct that had messed something up. I had never heard of that other name for penguin tetras!
  7. JoeCamaro

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    Although I love the looks of Pearl Gouramis I have never owned one. I did own Dwarf Gouramis. I had 2 at one point in my 46 gallon, but they didn't like each other.
    If he is peaceful and gentle, I'd leave him alone.
    Like I said, I never owned Pearls, so maybe a more experienced member will tell you of they can be kept with other gouramis.
  8. Abby565

    Abby565Valued MemberMember

    So anyways, pearl Gouramis are social fish and like to be kept with other pearls. Is your pearl a male or female?
    The only problem is that I think you are a bit overstocked with fish already. I'm not good with stocking larger tanks though! I'm better with nano. @TexasDomer, what do think think?
  9. OP

    FfrenchstarNew MemberMember

    Haha! I actually just thought that maybe you only know then as penguins and I pictured 8 actual hockey sticks floating around in the water.

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, it's a gorgeous fish, one of my favourite. It's weird I was told not to put another one with it but I've seen so many tanks in the shops and breeders with multiple gouramis of all sorts and they seem fine together.

    I don't actually know the gender. I haven't looked up how to tell as I only have one so not worried about breeding. I've been told 2 males are the worst together.

    I don't know. It's a pretty big tank with lots of small fish and we've only ever lost that one cardinal. Parameters have always been perfect, we test more than once a week with the drops and 50% water change once a week. External filter plus a strong airstone that creates a reverse waterfall. Heavily planted at both ends and more open in the middle with driftwood and rocks for tho loaches.. I love sitting and watching this tank and how the different species interact. The 2 yoyo loaches make it very comical.
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  10. Abby565

    Abby565Valued MemberMember

    Sounds good then, especially if the fish are all small right now. Hopefully another member can confirm. Pics of the tank please!! It sounds gorgeous! And one of the pearl so we can determine its sex. I think you may be able to add one of the opposite gender.
  11. OP

    FfrenchstarNew MemberMember

    Thank you, I do feel its ok. I guess there is the other school of thought that you can slightly over stock if your filtration is very strong which it is, but I don't 'think' we are. The gourami is by far the largest, the next being the 2 loaches and then we go down to swordtail and platy size and much smaller from there.

    I'm ready to remove any fish at a moments notice if need be. I will take a pic when we get home from hospital later today and see if mr/ms gourami will come out and pose.

    This is probably my fave tank to sit and watch for sometimes an hour. It's lively yet peaceful if that makes sense. The gourami gently eating the plants and looking gorgeous, then the 2 swordfish (1 male and 1 female) stick together and the 4 platys always close to each other cruising around. The rasboras and the hockeys/penguins kind of school together and they love love darting through the upwards water fall and getting their bodies flung around everywhere lol, they will line up and do it for ages. The barbs watch on and try to copy but they aren't brave enough so they mimic them alongside swimming in funny patterns and sometimes doing their barb twirly dance thing. The cardinals floating around brightening up the tank and then every so often the 2 loaches come barreling through everyone lol, they stir up any leftover food for the ones that don't feed off the bottom so it works.

    Can you tell I'm new and excited about this hobby lol??
  12. TJG

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    I had two pearl Gourami and they were fine for two days then it hit the fan and one decided he should be the only Gourami in the tank. That was in my 125. Your results may be different it really depends on the fish.
  13. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Most of the time, pearl gouramis are fine to be kept in groups. You can increase the chances of it working out by only keeping one male, but it can work out to keep males together too.

    You do have stocking issues, if you'd like to discuss them :)