Pearl cichlid and red ceibal cichlid

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    bkaiser3 Well Known Member Member

    Anyone know anything about either of these? Temperment, tank requirements, etc
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    Pearl Cichlid, 'Geophagus' brasiliensis and some close relatives, are from the southern coastal regions of Brazil. Most of the fish in the hobby are tank or pond raised, and are quite adaptable to pretty much any water conditions. They are fairly aggressive, and I've seen males over 10 inches. Beautiful, but mean.

    Red Ciebal is a probably undescribed species of Australoheros, a genus of Cichlids from extreme southern SA in Argentina and Uruguay. They were once known as Chanchitos. The early Chanchitos were considered very aggressive, but I've heard that Red Ciebal is not so much. Relatively small species, not much more than 6 inches. highly adaptable to water chemistry, tolerates temperatures as low as 50 F. This is because they come from temperate waters at the extreme southern end of SA.

    Both can be quite colorful, though I consider the Red Ciebal to be much more so when breeding.
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    Thank you for all the info! I have a friend that has one of each of these fish in 2 separate tanks and wanted to know if i could take one because he is getting rid of them. But i didnt know if they could be added to the tank i already have set up because i dont really want to set up another tank in my house. If the pearl is aggressive then he is probably out, i dont want to add something that will hurt or kill the fish i have.