Peacock Gudegon Suitable?


HI all,

I made a trip to a decent LPS today to buy a few more Endler buddies for my exisitng ones. Well, of course I saw plenty of fish that I would love to have But what caught my eye was the PEACOCK GUDGEONS.

WOW. They are beautiful, and were very interactive too.

I'm researching them right now, and so far all I can find is that they're peaceful fish but can be hard to feed.

My 160 litre- 40 gallon tank currently has:
6 female platies, one adult 5 young ones
5 male Endlers
7 pygmy cories
1 bristlenose pleco
1 Honey Gourami

Would I be able to have one or more? Has anyone here had first hand experience with them?

I am aching to go back tomorrow to get one or two, even though I didn't see a price on them. But I want to know what I'm getting into first and if they'll suit.



I just looked them up, they look awesome


I have peacock gudgeons (1 male, 2 female) in my 29gal community tank, which also has tetras, guppies, a honey gourami, and a few ottos.

They are quite peaceful, although they chase my female guppy occasionally. They spend most of the time in the lower parts of the tank, but they will come up compete for food with the rest of the fish. They definitely prefer live or frozen foods, but I've weaned mine onto flake food over time. I feed them some veggie flake in the morning, and frozen brine shrimp or bloodworms in the evening.

Hope that helps!
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Well, I just couldn't resist, I bought two this afternoon

They seem to be settling in ok, I didn't like the way the kid at the store was handling them though

They seem pretty young, so I don't know how well I went with sexing. I'm hoping I have a pair. One is definetly bigger than the other. When their colours brighten up I should be able to tell

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