Peacock Eel Escapism

  1. Braydens Bettas

    Braydens Bettas Member Member

    Bellow are some images of 2 areas that I believe my Peacock Eel I'm getting tomorrow could escape from.
    The first image is a small opening about 2-3 inches from the waters surface where the heater cords come in. I want to know if he could slither on up and out of there.
    The second image is a small gap between the filter pump and the lid of the tank. If he does get onto the filter he could get into the area where the filter box sits and get out through the lid if he really pushes hard.

    Let me know if you think either of these holes should be plugged.
    IMG_4693.JPG 726b159b3f8d250860666d06dca83fc7.jpg
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I've not kept eels but if they're known as escape artists then I'd definitely plug any gaps, maybe someone who keeps eels can chime in